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Do you have these figures from Kinder Surprise? Collectors are able to pay up to PLN 50,000 for them

Some collect stamps, others collect crystals from the People’s Republic of Poland, and others, as it turns out, collect figurines from Kinder Surprises. Some people are willing to pay a lot of money for plastic figurines.

The rarest of figurines can cost tens of thousands of zlotys. Where did this price come from?

As you know, the rarest and oldest items are usually the most expensive. As reported by the portal, we will earn the most for selling Smurf figurines. Blue men first appeared in surprise eggs in 1979. The most valuable characters are Night Watchman Smurf, Pied Piper Smurf and Laluś Smurf. For the first of them, collectors offer up to 12,000 euros, which is over 50,000. zlotys. This price is only possible if the figure is made of hard blue plastic with pants and a hat painted on it.

Pied Piper Smurf, also depending on the material and varnish used to make the figurine. The last recorded sale of this character was in 2021, where an avid collector paid €5,000 for it. for Smurf Lalusia also varies depending on the version of the character. A figure with dark blue paint and a silver mirror costs around 4,000 euros, while its counterpart made of blue base material is around 1,000 euros cheaper.

The most expensive figures from Kinder Surprise in Poland. You can earn a lot from them

Currently, the most expensive surprise egg figurine in Poland is also a smurf. On the most popular auction site in the country, you can find an offer for PLN 700. Apparently, the plastic statuette is very popular among potential buyers. Other valuable characters from Kinder Surprise are e.g. Pumuckl (about 100 euros), Asterix (about 180 euros) and Dwarf “Ferdi Fallobst” (from 2000 to 3500 euros).

Source: Gazeta


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