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Eneko Sagardoy finishes shooting the short film “Betiko gaua”

Eneko Sagardoy finishes shooting the short film “Betiko gaua”

Euskaraz irakurri: Eneko Sagardoyk bukatu du “Betiko gaua” laburra filmatzen

The actor and writer Eneko Sagardoy (Durango, 1994) has finished filming “Betiko Gaua”, a short film written together with the bertsolari and writer Nerea Ibarzabal.

This Glapan, Sumendi and Ikusgarri Films production stars Miren Gaztañaga and Elena Irureta, and was shot in Basque on Montaña Alavesa.

The story is an adaptation of a text written by Nerea Ibarzabal based on a premise established by Eneko Sagardoy, collected in the collective book “Buruz buru” (Lanku, 2018): when Miren recognizes Elena, who drives a rental car, the will start chasing down the road.

Professionals such as Xanti Salvador (sound), Maite Arroitajauregi and Aranzazu Calleja (music) and David Heras (digital effects) have participated in the project.

Once the filming is finished, the team is immersed in the assembly of a film that they want to release in 2023.

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