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Netflix – the best series.  We know it’s hard to choose what to watch.  I turned these on and I don’t regret it

Netflix – the best series. We know it’s hard to choose what to watch. I turned these on and I don’t regret it

almost every day adds new titles, and recently there have been more and more local productions from around the world. Sometimes under this thicket of news there are slightly less known or older titles that are definitely worth giving a chance. Theoretically, the famous algorithm should come to the rescue, which will recommend the most appropriate titles, but let’s face it: we don’t always watch what interests us the most on our profile.

What to watch on Netflix? Serials to improve humor and detective stories

Sometimes we will also skip the series that will suit us, because it has a thumbnail that does not speak to a person at all. I know what I’m talking about because recently I found myself ignoring a series that I had already seen and really enjoyed. And it’s all because of poor graphics and Polish translation of the title, which I didn’t remember. More than once I was also in a situation where I was unable to choose what to include. Although the “to watch later” list only grows, I’m not always in the right mood to turn on a series about a widow who is looking for the perpetrator of the accident that killed her husband (“You’re Dead”), a high-profile production about a genius girl who learns to play chess in an orphanage and becomes addicted to drugs in the process (“The Queen’s Gambit”) or a dark drama with sci-fi elements and intricate time travel motifs (“Dark”).

As part of the cycle started by Marta, who listed her favorite Netflix series alphabetically, I have prepared a list of more productions that can be found on the platform and which, in my opinion, are worth reaching for for various reasons. The order will be rather random, and the titles themselves have been grouped into different sections.

(Mostly) comedy series: “Grace and Frankie”, “Derry Girls”, “Santa Clarita Diet”, “The Green Glove Gang” (, “Brooklyn 9-9” and “The Good Place”because Michael Schur made them, and also “Community” (it’s hilarious, and bonus the Russo brothers worked on it).

  • ABOUT “Grace and Frankie” you can write in meters, but for me the greatest advantages of this series are, of course, the sensational Jane Fonda and Lily Tommlin in the lead roles and the plot, which tells about the life (also emotional life) of people not even in their 40s, but in their 60s . We get a great script, sharp jokes, life themes and a sensational background.
  • “Derry Girls” is, in turn, an excellent sitcom about Irish teenagers growing up in the 90s in the titular Derry. The main characters (and the protagonist) have some really deliciously idiotic and very age-appropriate adventures, full of bloopers and stupid mistakes. Nevertheless, their parents are crazy, as well as teachers from a Catholic school. It’s nostalgic, but it can be a little eerie to know that at the same time Northern Ireland is torn apart by internal strife.
  • Unfortunately, Netflix has stopped spinning “Santa Clarita Diet” with Drew Barrymore after two seasons, which is a real shame. In this series, the lives of an average real estate agent couple are turned upside down when, after a certain dinner, Sheila discovers an uncontrollable urge to eat human flesh. At the same time, he does not want to give up his life so far. It’s supposed to be a comedy horror, but it offers much more than fake blood pouring from the screen and a handful of successful jokes.

Fantasy, Neil Gaiman and elements of abstraction:“Dirk Gently’s Detective Agency” (Elijah Wood is playing here, this show is perfectly twisted, today Netflix doesn’t do such a thing anymore), “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power”

  • “sandman” is a beautifully crafted series based on groundbreaking comics, and as a fan of this writer, I’m overjoyed that the production caught on among Netflix users. It captures well the essence of what I like most about Gaiman: his characteristic narration, his thoroughly British sense of humor and plenty of pop culture and mythological references.
  • “Lucifer” (a production based on Gaiman’s idea), in turn, has everything I expect from an entertaining crime series: tight and fast-paced action within each episode, a characteristic cast, a main character with a distinctly British accent (Tom Ellis did an excellent job here), the right dose silly jokes, little bloat and a lot of fantasy in reworking classic founding myths. I may not have liked the ending, but Lucifer remains one of my favorite series.
  • “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power” is a fantastic example of how a cartoon that was an addition to another animated series, which was created to conquer the sale of children’s toys, can be turned into an engaging and not stupid story series. The fact that he caused a lot of confusion due to the change of the line and the “desexualization” of the character’s appearance is a separate pair of wellingtons. It’s worth turning on for the intrigue alone.

stand-ups: Hannah Gadsby, Jack Whitehall, Jimy Carr, Iliza Shlesinger, Taylor Tomlinson, “The Fix”

  • Here, I would mainly like to recommend an Australian comedian Hannah Gadsby and its programs “Nannete” and “Douglas”. Her performances are a really powerful thing – they are brutally witty, honest and perfectly show the perspective of someone who is “different” for various reasons. Gadsby should especially be seen by heterosexual men over 50 who have trouble imagining, and especially understanding, what it’s like not to be them in public space.
  • British laugh Jack Whitehall he gracefully pokes fun at us and our first world problems like the fact that there is no oat or soy milk in the guesthouse. In addition to his stand-ups, you will also find a whole travel program on Netflix, in which he visits various exotic corners of the world with his ironic and cynical older dad – charming.
  • Daniel Sloss – this Scot is going to play hard with jokes, in December 2023 he is also to come to Poland for performances.
  • Jimmy Carr – you will remember his laugh for the rest of your life, he is also the author of the joke: Great Britain is home to one of the hardest working and most talented workers in Europe – Poles.
  • Iliza Shlesinger – her programs are a journey through various stages of a millennial’s life, adequate to the experience of the comic, men will finally find out what this “ugly bra” is all about.
  • Taylor Tomlinson – she makes fun of herself perfectly, and at the same time allows the viewer to feel – oh, I have it too.
  • If you like such atmospheres, be sure to turn on the program “The Fix”. It is hosted by the aforementioned Jimy Carr, and the formula of the show is that two teams of comedians find different solutions to the pressing problems of the modern world, and the audience chooses the better one.

Just good series: “Russian Doll”, “The Alienist”,

  • first season “Russian Doll” – a nice story in the spirit of “Groundhog Day”, a good soundtrack and a successful cast.
  • “Alienist” – New York at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, criminal mysteries, Daniel Brühl from “Goodbye Lenin” as a pioneer of investigative psychology, as well as Dakota Fanning and Luke Evans in spectacular costumes and sets.
  • “Great Water” – a captivating script, excellent cast and the flood of the millennium as a starting point.

Surprising discoveries: “iZombie”, “Bad Blood – Bastard From Hell”, “Freud”

  • I have to distinguish “iZombie” – at least the first season – because I completely did not expect that I would get involved in the production, the starting point of which is the transformation of a young doctor into a zombie. And yet, although the beginning of the series resembles what appeared in “Apocawix”, the series is more than about zombies, it is about criminal mysteries. Our heroine, not wanting to hurt people, is employed in a morgue, where she unnoticed eats the brains of the dead. By the way, he discovers that this gives him access to their memories, thanks to which he helps to find their murderers. As a bonus, we get elements of aesthetics appropriate for and Robert Buckley as an internally conflicted zombie hunter.
  • Even more – and on the plus side – I was surprised by the British production “Bad Blood – Bastard from Hell”. The title sounds terrible, and when you find out that there are plots of teenagers in love, plus fairies, wizards and werewolves, you want to run away, where the pepper grows, because it will definitely not be good. Meanwhile, this production is, firstly, seriously treated from the script and cast side. Secondly, the dialogues are not stupid and clichéd, the screenwriters involved in the adaptation of the book made sure that the viewer’s ears do not wither from listening to idiotic clichés straight from fantasy series for teenagers. It’s dark and captivating here. On Rotten Tomatoes, the production has a 93% approval rating. ratings from critics and 92 percent. from the audience. I was disappointed to hear that there won’t be a second season. Even my mother liked it.
  • For those who like costume series, detective stories and what can be drawn from the concept of Sigmund Freud, I can also recommend a German-language series “freud”. The first episodes may not have the right pace, but the further into the forest, the more interesting it gets.

‘Freud’ Netflix Press Releases/Netflix

TV series “Feel Good“: “Good Witch”, “Fuller House”, “Lovely Trouble” (television classics – no commentary)

  • When I’m sad, when I’m feeling bad, I like to turn it on “Good Witch” with Catherine Bell in the lead role. I remember the actress from the series “JAG Military Investigation Office”, and this production is 100% Hallmark in Hallmark. We have an idyllic American town here, a nice local community and a friendly “witch” that all friends and clients A store or guest house always offers good advice or the right essential oil.In the background there is a whole galaxy of different characters and although theoretically the plot does not tell anything specific, first of all you are drawn in, and secondly – it definitely relaxes you.
  • “A fuller house” is a continuation of the cult sitcom from the turn of the 80s and 90s. Almost the entire original cast returned to the production set – except for the Olsen twins, which also became the object of successful jokes on the meta level several times. The production is not without flaws, maybe at times it is too sugary or already too far from reality even for a sitcom, but it provides a lot of pleasant entertainment and, above all, the screen is blown up by Andrea Barber, who plays Kimmy, DJ Tammer’s eccentric friend.

Guilty Pleasure: “The Order”, “Emily in Paris”

  • “The Order” – is another example of a fantasy series for teenagers, which, although it seems silly, is very pleasant to watch and does not destroy the viewer’s self-esteem (well, maybe a little). Netflix broke my heart again, deciding not to shoot another season after the cliffhanger, but the series that are available are perfect for a family and casual screening. This production has something that makes you want to watch the next episodes, although sometimes the writers’ ideas are really crazy.
  • As a consolation, I find it absurdly entertaining “Emily in Paris”. What can I say – the heroine has had the same problems for three seasons, everyone is wearing more and more surreal clothes, I’m screaming in front of the screen that no one dresses like that, and oh my, the American idea of ​​fashion, what a drama. Still, I’m looking forward to what they’ll show next. The perfect series for those times when you’re sick on the couch and need a break. However, professional work.

Obvious things worth catching up with: Stranger Things, Dark, The Queen’s Gambit, Mindhunter, The Crown

Polish crime series:ultraviolet” (Igor Brejdygant wrote the scripts for some of the episodes, Marta Nieradkiewicz is doing well in the main role and is pleasantly unscathed), “Characters(there’s a good dark vibe)

CLASSICS: “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and “Monty Python”

  • Finally, let me add thatStar Trek: The Next Generation” it’s a great show and now no one can or can’t do it anymore. It is amazing how many different and really not stupid topics the writers managed to raise over the course of seven seasons. This is a multi-episode lesson in reason and human dignity, only disguised in the uniform of space fleet officers. Plus, 178 episodes give us plenty of time to fall in love with Patrick Stewart all over again.

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