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She goes to the gym in full makeup because then she feels good. “Who cares what other people think?”

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Taryn Delanie has a wide audience. Her profile on TikTok is followed by as many as 700,000. people. Recently, she noticed that many women have doubts about whether they can go to the gym in full make-up. The trainer appealed:

If you enjoy exercising in full make-up. Do it.

She goes to the gym in full makeup because then she feels good

For many people, going to the gym is stepping out of their comfort zone. Especially at the beginning of the year, when many new people decide to start their adventure with exercise, it is important to stay reasonable. Taryn Delanie emphasized in the published video that what other people think is irrelevant. The most important thing is to feel good and have energy to exercise. And if makeup gives women self-confidence, they should not give it up. She often practices painted herself.

Who cares what others think? Hot chicks rule

she wrote.

She emphasized that she would like women to derive pleasure and strength from exercise.

You don’t look stupid. We all started somewhere. You have a right to it

she added. Her post was followed by thanks.

Thanks for reminding me. Especially now, when the new year begins and many people have appeared in the gym for the first time

I love feeling beautiful while exercising

I often go to the gym after lunch or meetings, so I wear makeup

– we read in the comments.

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