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These seniors can receive almost 5,000.  PLN supplement to the old-age pension.  It is enough to meet one condition

These seniors can receive almost 5,000. PLN supplement to the old-age pension. It is enough to meet one condition

The cost of living is rising and some retirees are forced to make difficult decisions whether to spend their last money on food or medicine. This makes many people look for ways to save money. It turns out that some can count on almost 5 thousand. PLN supplement to . Importantly, the money is paid ex officio – monthly and for life. However, it is important to meet one very important condition.

What is an honorary payment? They will be given to a strictly defined group of seniors

Social Security pays seniors an honorary benefit (commonly referred to as the “centenarian pension”), which is a bonus independent of the amount of the pension currently received and the previously earned contributions. Importantly, the money flows into the pensioners’ account ex officio along with the pension – every month and for life. According to data from November 2022, the benefit is currently used by approximately 2,689 people. The only condition that must be met is that the senior is 100 years old.

The supplement may also be used by pensioners who do not receive a pension from or another body. Then the necessary step is to submit an appropriate application to the Social Insurance Institution.

What determines the amount of the honorary benefit? It changes once a year

The amount of the bonus depends on the base amount that applies on the day on which the pensioner celebrates his 100th birthday. It is calculated on the basis of 100% of the average salary for the previous year, which is reduced by social security contributions. For this reason, from 1 March 2022 to the end of February 2023, for all those who reach 100 years of age, the benefit is PLN 4,944.79 gross. Importantly, the base amount changes every year, however, once granted, the allowance is not subject to indexation and is paid for life in the same amount. This means that seniors who will celebrate their 100th birthday starting from March 2023 and in the following months will receive a different amount. At the moment, its height is not yet known, but it will most likely increase.

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