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Social networks go crazy because Karol G accepted a hot dog as a gift from a fan (and did not throw it on the floor, like Bad Bunny)

Social networks go crazy because Karol G accepted a hot dog as a gift from a fan (and did not throw it on the floor, like Bad Bunny)

Showing love to another person through food is one of the most personal gestures that exists, and it is even one of the best gifts, some say.

That’s why a fan of Carol G. He found this way to express all his admiration for the Colombian urban singer when, in the middle of a crowd, he approached her to give her a snack, while she was retiring in her limousine after leaving an event in The Angels.

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Of course, the moment went viral through a short video on social networksspecially in TikTok, where it was published in the last week. means like playground they have already named it “The best interaction between an artist and a fan”which has reminded many of the infamous episode when a fan also approached her urban idol and suffered a bitter experience with him, when he grabbed her cell phone and threw it into a lake.

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Yes, we mean the bad bunny reaction when the young woman hit him to record herself with him, apparently without his consent, which would have clearly upset the artist with double Grammy.

By contrast, Karol G doesn’t seem to mind that her fans go crazy for her. While the ‘Bichota’ As she climbed into the back seat of her limousine, fans packed the vehicle to see her, take photos and give her flowers. In fact, she is seen accepting a simple red rose that she is seen carrying in one of her hands.

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A follower of the ‘catwoman redhead’ went further when he offered her hot dog, It’s not just any hot dog, it looks rather overdone. It is not the typical bread with sausage, in the viral video you can see a hot dog With several toppingsit looks like it has melted cheese, bacon and more.

What makes the video even funnier is the face that Karol G makes when she sees the hot dog in front of her for the first time, that she savors it with her eyes (“and who wouldn’t?”, one wonders of his supporters on social networks). With great emotion, she accepts the snack to the exaltation and madness of her fans who celebrate the gesture of the interpreter of cairo, provence and mommy.

These days, reggaeton is at its peak, thanks to its most recent release X if we come back, which has the collaboration of the bachatero Romeo Santos. At the moment it has been reproduced more than 6 million times in Youtube and almost three million listeners in Spotify. (AND)

Source: Eluniverso

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