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Aileen Wournos murdered and raped seven men in cold blood. “I would do it again”

Life has been marked by suffering from the beginning. Her tragic story came to light thanks to the film directed by Patty Jenkins. The character of the serial killer was then played by , who received an Oscar for her excellent performance and perfect portrayal of the killer.

Her childhood left its mark on her life. Aileen Wournos has been through hell

The ordeal of Aileen Wournos began when she was placed in the care of her grandparents. Her father hanged himself in a prison cell after being accused of pedophilia, and her mother refused to take custody of her and her brother. An alcoholic grandmother and a furious grandfather abused their grandchildren, using severe corporal punishment and psychological violence.

Aileen showed signs of demoralization from an early age. As a 9-year-old, she was burned when she and her brother were playing with a mixture of oil and gasoline, and a few months later she started a fire at the school. At the age of 12, she began to run away from home, robbed local shops, and began experimenting with alcohol and drugs. A year later, she started prostitution. She repeatedly fell victim to older men, which significantly affected her psyche. At the age of 14, she became pregnant and ended up in a single mother’s home. Immediately after giving birth, she gave her son up for adoption.

When she gave birth to a child, her grandparents threw her out onto the pavement. Wournos dropped out of school, lived in a car, and returned to prostitution. When Alieen’s brother died of cancer, Alieen moved to Florida, where she became involved with a much older businessman, Lewis Gratez Fella. Unfortunately, after nine weeks of marriage, the man filed for divorce, accusing the Wournos of violence. The last person she bonded with was Tyrnia Moore. They met in 1986.

First murder. Aileen Wournos has been sentenced to death seven times

In 1989, Aileen Wournos committed her first murder. Her victim was 51-year-old Richard Mallory, with a record for sex crimes. The woman testified in court that the shot was made in self-defense, because the man first beat her severely and then brutally raped her. In just one year, she killed six more men. She was arrested in 1991 and examined by psychiatrists, who declared her emotionally unstable and had a personality disorder. During the trial, she favored giving her the harshest sentence. “I murdered those men… And I would do it again. There’s no reason to keep me alive because I’d kill again. There is a vengeance in me that comes out at every pore – .

Aileen Wouros was sentenced to death by lethal injection six times and was executed on October 9, 2002. The body of one of the victims has never been found.

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Source: Gazeta


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