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How to do make-up after 60 years of age? Avoid these colors. They are out of fashion and add years

The most important purpose of make-up done on mature skin is to make it look fresh and radiant. Although it seems easy, it takes a bit of practice to get the effect. It turns out that the wrong technique and the selection of inappropriate cosmetics can add years. How to make rejuvenating make-up on mature skin?

Mature woman makeup. If you don’t want to look older, better give it up

With age, the skin absorbs less collagen, which causes it to age. The appearance of wrinkles, depressions or spots and discoloration is a natural process that will happen to each of us. Skillful make-up will cover imperfections and visually subtract a few years.

Many women over 60 give up makeup altogether because they believe it makes them look older. This is mainly due to the habit and the former to apply intense colors, which today does not work at all. For the sake of a radiant, rejuvenated and refreshed look, it is worth focusing primarily on delicate and natural colors.

How to do make-up after 60 years of age? Make-up cream and make-up base will make your face glow

Before applying make-up on mature skin, the first thing you should focus on is skin care. Due to the fact that it is no longer as smooth and elastic as it used to be, it is worth moisturizing it properly with an age-appropriate day and night cream. Before applying the cosmetic, the face should be thoroughly cleansed, and about once a week a peeling should be performed to get rid of the remains of dead epidermis.

  1. base – Applied to the skin, it will even out the color and cover discolorations. It is not necessary to apply it all over the face, because it is enough to apply it in places where the most imperfections are noticed.
  2. Primer – It is worth betting on a product with a light consistency that will not burden the skin. The shade of the cosmetic cannot be too dark, as it will certainly make you look older. It should blend perfectly with the skin. Apply it gently with a sponge or brush.
  3. Blusher – A light brush in the middle of the cheek will give freshness and radiance. It is worth betting on the shade of apricot, gold, peach or sand, i.e. all that look natural.
  4. Eyes and eyebrows – It is worth giving up eyeliner pencil, which will give a very intense effect. Much better will be a delicate eyebrow shadow. Pearly eyeshadows that accentuate wrinkles will not work either and they are not very durable. The best effect will be achieved by highlighting the eyes with natural, subdued colors.
  5. mouth – It is worth painting them with natural, bright colors. Lipsticks or delicate lip glosses will work. Intense colors, although they look elegant, sharpen facial features, which gives the effect of aging.

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