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The Addams Family house was pink inside. The photos from the original set are surprising

Popularity began with satirical comics in the widely read “The New Yorker” back in the 1940s. Their author Charles Addams wanted to create a satirical inversion of the post-war model of the ideal American family. Thus, his characters were in love with the grotesque and macabre, and were delightfully oblivious to the fact that other people thought them strange and were simply afraid of them.

The Addams House was actually pink inside

In the 1960s, a cult sitcom was created about a clan in love with the macabre and grotesque. The photos were shot on black and white film, so viewers did not realize that the walls in the house were actually a cheerful pink or maroon color. Photographer Richard Fish visited the set and took pictures there on color film. Due to the success of the series “”, his photos began to circulate again on the network. In fact, the combination makes a strange impression:

And this is what his colored headlamp looks like:

The cast includes Carolyn Jones, John Astin, Jackie Coogan, Ted Cassidy, Blossom Rock, Ken Weatherwax and the recently deceased Lisa Loring. Charles Addams, the creator of the original comics, gave the actors complete freedom to choose the names for their characters, because they did not have them in the drawings yet. So, thanks to John Astin, Morticia’s husband is named Gomez – he decided that it would best suit and reflect his Latin lover’s temperament. Unfortunately, only two seasons of the series were made. But MGM has uploaded the full episode on YouTube for you to watch:

The production aired from September 18, 1964 to April 8, 1966. A special Halloween TV movie featuring the original cast was also made in the 1970s. A total of 64 episodes were made, and the catchy and memorable theme music was composed and performed by Vic Mizzy. He was the one who came up with the idea of ​​snapping his fingers.

Although only two seasons of the original series were filmed, the production was very popular thanks to numerous reruns. What’s more, “The Addams Family” also appealed to viewers abroad. In the 1970s, an animated series was also created about the Addams family, the characters also made guest appearances in one of the episodes of “Scooby-Doo”. In addition to cartoons and new live-action series, Addams also hit the theater boards, as well as in cinemas. In the early 1990s, two popular feature films starred little Christina Ricci as Wednesday. Now the viewership records are broken by the platform series, in which the title role is played by J

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