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Andie MacDowell in a crazy suit. The color delights! This is a project by a Polish designer

Thanks to her role in the cult romantic comedy “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, Andie MacDowell gained notoriety and sympathy around the world. have been the subject of many conversations Andie decided to stop dyeing them. Now she proudly wears a silver hairstyle and makes a sensation with it. But not only that, because the audience is also delighted with her stylizations. The latest one is beautiful!

The actress focuses on naturalness. He is not afraid of aging

Andie is definitely a role model for many mature women. He has a huge distance to his age and talks about it loudly. She avoids beauty treatments, even dyeing her hair, although she still loves delicate makeup. In an interview with Vogue, she said what she thinks about accepting aging:

This suggests that something is wrong with maturity. I affirm aging. I do not rejuvenate by force, I do not try to look young, but healthy. Someone once asked me what it’s like to lose beauty. I was outraged. It has become commonplace that men become more interesting with age, and we do the opposite. It’s a harmful stereotype that women have come to believe. We need to change this way of thinking.


Designers and brands like it, which is why she often shows it in various photo sessions.

Andie MacDowell chooses strong colors. This is a styling from a Polish designer

It can also inspire with its stylizations. She loves strong colors and plays with cuts, if she focuses on elegance, then in an original edition. And that’s the suit she recently showed up in. It has the color of candy pink and an oversize cut. For this, the actress chose a white shirt tied at the neckline and beige high heels. The jacket is quite wide, as are the trousers. And this is what the most fashionable suit for the 2023 season looks like. It is a project of a recognized designer, Magda Butrym, which is extremely popular among the stars overseas. Admittedly, Andie’s silvery hairdo goes great with pink!

Source: Gazeta


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