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Odd Borre is dead.  This is the first Eurovision scandal in history

Odd Borre is dead. This is the first Eurovision scandal in history

The singer’s death was reported by the Norwegian state television NRK. Odd Borre passed away on January 28 at the age of 83. It was not said under what circumstances he died. It was only mentioned that the singer died surrounded by his family.

Who was Odd Borre?

He was born a month before the outbreak of World War II, in August 1939 in Harstad. He gained recognition by representing Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1968. However, before the performance in London, he caused quite a scandal in his homeland.

The singer won the Melodi Grand Prix pre-selection in 1968 with the song “Jeg har aldri vært så glad i noen som deg”. Shortly after, the press accused the artist of plagiarizing Cliff Richard’s “Summer”. Faced with the first allegation of plagiarism in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest, NRK decided to put an end to all speculation and decided that Borre would go to the contest with another song from the pre-selection, which was also performed by Børre.

In the competition, the singer did not win the recognition of the audience and the jury. He took 13th place then. In the same place were ex aequo Karel Gott (representing Austria) and Gianni Mascoio (representing Switzerland). Interestingly, Cliff Richard took part in the same edition of the competition, where he came in second place. The Eurovision Song Contest 1968 was won by Massiel from Spain.

In the following years, Borre tried several more times to enter the competition. The closest he came was in 1969, when he finished second in the pre-selections. For the next thirty years, he made his living as an insurance agent, but also appeared on music shows where he was a judge. After a long hiatus from music, he returned to the stage in the early 2000s and performed sporadically until the end of his life.

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