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It is said to be the ugliest dog in Britain. For a long time, no one wanted to adopt him

Some consider Peggy to be the ugliest dog in Britain. He is 5 years old and a mix of Pug and Chinese Crested. A characteristic feature of this breed is the skin without hair. Despite her unusual appearance, the British loved her.

Peggy couldn’t find a home. People were afraid of her health problems

Peggy was the last dog of the litter. Nobody wanted to adopt her. It wasn’t until Holly Middleton showed up that she found a home. The woman fell in love with her at first sight and thought she was beautiful. – We came across Peggy online in late 2018, she was six months old and the last pup of her litter. All the other puppies have gone to new homes, but I imagine the people who looked at her saw nothing but a demanding dog and the possibility of health problems,” said owner Peggy.

Indeed, the female dog looks quite peculiar, but every pet deserves love. We fell in love with her as soon as she looked at us with her big brown eyes. She had a small tuft of gray hair and her tongue stuck out to the side. I just felt sorry for her, sitting there with no hair and her tongue sticking out,” Holly added.

Britain’s ugliest. Peggy has become popular in the media

Peggy has gone to her new home in East Yorkshire. The owner was afraid of health problems in the bitch, but she turned out to be fully healthy. – Fortunately, Peggy is completely healthy and happy, her tongue does not cause any problems. He can eat (and he really loves to eat) and drink. On colder days she has to wear a sweater and in the summer we apply sunscreen to the skin. Other than that, she’s just like any other dog,” Holly explained.

The owner entered Peggy for Britain’s ugliest dog contest at the urging of her friends. Many people thought that the female dog had a chance of winning. She won and gained great popularity in the media. She was at the dog spa and had a professional photo shoot. Fame, however, did not turn Peggy’s head and she is still a beloved family dog. – He is a comfortable creature and loves nothing more than cuddling on the couch under a blanket after a walk. Although sometimes her loud snoring can be quite a nuisance, especially when we try to watch something on TV – explains her owner.

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