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Gardener’s calendar 2023. Take care of your garden in February and it will thank you with abundant crops

Even if it’s still freezing outside and there’s snow on the ground, it’s a good idea to start cleaning your garden in February. Thanks to this, you will make your trees and shrubs bloom beautifully with the season. Where to start?

Things to do in February. Take care of your garden

The most important cleaning tasks in the garden in February include:

  • pruning fruit trees and shrubs,
  • cleaning conifers from dead needles,
  • spraying,
  • whitewashing the trunks, i.e. check whether snow and rain have not washed the lime off them, and if so, repeat the operation.

Gardener’s calendar 2023 – fruit trees and shrubs. How to take care of them in February?

Pruning fruit bushes is a necessary procedure that should be carried out already in February. Thanks to it, the fruits that will appear on them will be healthy, and the crops will be much more plentiful. Remember to prune in winter only those that bloom in summer and autumn, e.g. raspberries, gooseberries or currants. Additionally, remove any damaged or broken branches from them.

As for trees, prune pears, apples, walnuts, and late-ripening plums when the coldest season has passed. This should be done regularly but moderately. In turn, stone fruit trees such as cherries, cherries and early-ripening plums are pruned only in the summer, when fruiting has passed. In February, we focus primarily on older trees, because the time for the younger ones will come only at the turn of March and April. Remember to protect the “wounds” created after pruning with gardening ointment, and to remove dried fruit from the trees. If the lime has washed off the trunks, apply it again. In the case of conifers, this is the right time to protect them with spray against pests.

Gardener’s calendar 2023 – vegetable garden. Time to clean up and plan

February is the best month for the first work in the vegetable garden. Start by tidying it up from the top, collecting the leaves that served as mulch and the branches. Then plan the layout of the beds and decide what vegetables you will plant in it later. This is important because many grow better in the company of others. You can also prepare a greenhouse or tunnel. This is a good month for the production of many vegetables from seedlings, e.g. tomatoes, onions, cabbage or peppers.

Source: Gazeta


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