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Fans of the game are outraged by the changes in “The Last of Us”.  The creators explain: “This is a cautionary tale”

Fans of the game are outraged by the changes in “The Last of Us”. The creators explain: “This is a cautionary tale”

“” is a series that was hailed as revolutionary in its genre even before its official premiere. The production not only perfectly reflects the atmosphere and plot of the well-known game, but also expands the world of survival horror. Fans of Naughty Dog’s work had almost nothing to complain about the series until the premiere of the third episode.

On January 30, the third episode of “The Last of Us” appeared on HBO, entitled “Until the Last Days”. The viewers of the series divided into those who were outraged by the changes to the original and those who accepted and even appreciated the creators’ decisions. The pace and theme of the third episode of the hit HBO series could have surprised.

“The Last of Us”. The third episode of the series divided fans

The creators of the production focused here on the relationship between Frank and Bill, who were connected by a mysterious pandemic. The episode is about love, humanity, sacrifice and hope. In the episode we will not find galloping action and a series of suspenseful scenes, instead it is worth preparing tissues – it is emotional and touching through and through.

“Until the Last Days” is also a beautiful tribute to the LGBTQ+ community. Bill (Nick Offerman) and Frank (Murray Bartlett) are not a stereotypical couple, and such a relationship is rarely seen on mainstream television. As Nick Offerman says in an interview with

“What I love most about this show is that we’re featuring a couple that I haven’t seen too many on mainstream TV. We really go to great lengths here to emphasize that if you love someone, you have a right to love them no matter how far you guys don’t fit into the traditional canon of couples. It amazes me how unlikely these two guys were to run into each other. And when they do, it’s a huge surprise for them, because neither of them expected to fall in love right away ears. I grew up in a small, conservative Midwestern town, and that’s why I was so attracted to working in the theater, and then movies and television. Because in my town, they wouldn’t allow a story like that to be told. And people like Bill and Frank live everywhere. I’m very grateful that with this episode we are breaking out of the outdated way of telling love stories and trying to set fresh ground for it.”

Fans of the game note, however, that in the original the relationship of the two men was presented differently. The plot is much more modest and told from Joel’s perspective – it lacks the series’ magic and romance. In the original, Frank is bitten by a zombie and commits suicide, in the adaptation – he is seriously ill and decides to take a similar step, in death on his own terms, he is accompanied by his beloved.

“The Last of Us”. The developers have made major changes to the original

Many viewers were disappointed by Bill’s lack of interaction with teenage Ellie. In the adaptation of the series, the character contributes little to the overall plot, it seems to be a thread that could be made as a special or even a separate film. In the game, Bill has a big influence on a girl who is just getting to know herself and her sexuality. The creators, however, have a justification why they decided to make such major changes.

“In the series, we had the opportunity to change the perspective of the main character for a moment. Most of the time we focus on Joel and Ellie, and here we could see what happened to Bill during the outbreak. It is also a warning sign for Joel, who recently lost Tess.” explains series showrunner Craig Mazin.

The creators also point out that the ending of Bill and Frank’s plot is to disenchant serial death, which, especially in games, means losing. Here, the couple’s suicide can be interpreted as a happy ending to their beautiful love.

“There were already strong moments in the series where Joel failed, or at least that’s how he interpreted events. According to him, he failed his daughter Sara and Tess. Bill managed to inspire him to take Ellie on a further journey to the West. Thanks to him, he realized that he belongs to the people who are supposed to protect those they love,” adds Mazin.

The first season of The Last of Us will consist of nine episodes. The premiere of the fourth episode in Poland entitled “Please Hold My Hand” is scheduled for February 6. The creators also confirmed that the series will get a second series.

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