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Usually you pour it, this time water it thuja.  In the spring they will grow lush and green

Usually you pour it, this time water it thuja. In the spring they will grow lush and green

The last few winters have been quite demanding for thuja. Many people may think that the higher temperatures we have experienced in recent years during this period may be beneficial for plants. Unfortunately, in fact, the lack of snow lying for a long time can harm the trees. If you want to properly care for them, use these tricks.

How to properly care for thujas? Fertilize them with the arrival of the thaw

As soon as you notice that the temperature outside is rising, take care of the thuja. In this way, you will protect them from physiological drought. Also remember to water more frequently during this period. However, be careful not to overwater them – too wet soil can contribute to rotting of the trees. When fertilizing thuja in winter, avoid products rich in nitrogen. This nutrient accelerates and stimulates the growth of bushes. By giving it to plants, you will simply harm them. Fortunately, there are two fertilizers that are perfect for the coldest months of the year.

What to fertilize thujas? Use coffee grounds and vegetable water

One of the best home remedies for thuja is vegetable water. Usually, after cooking the vegetables, immediately pour it out. This is a big mistake. During food processing, the liquid acquires many nutrients that can be used in plant care. All you have to do is wait for the decoction to cool down and then dilute it with water. Pour the preparation prepared in this way directly onto the ground where the trees are planted.

Another useful product is coffee grounds. They contain large amounts of potassium and magnesium – elements necessary to protect plants in the coldest periods. What’s more, they also deepen the color of tree needles. Just collect the leftovers from a few coffees and pour boiling water over them. Wait for the mixture to cool, then dilute it with water. Pour the decoction directly under the thujas. To enhance the effect, you can also bury a few spoonfuls of coffee grounds in the soil surrounding the bushes. However, remember to cover them well with soil.

In both cases, there is one rule to keep in mind. The ingredients used must not be seasoned in any way. Salted water or sweetened coffee grounds with milk will harm the trees more than they will help them.

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