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Seniors Allowances 2023. These retirees can save a lot of money. We suggest how

Every year, pensioners can take advantage of various discounts and reliefs they are entitled to. Many of them will allow you to save, which in the era of price increases can be a great benefit. What reliefs apply in 2023?

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Discounts for seniors 2023. Free medicines and discounts for pensioners

Seniors over 75 years old can take advantage of for diseases of the elderly. This is due to retirees and pensioners who are covered by health insurance. However, it is necessary to have a prescription issued by a doctor or primary care nurse. A full list of free medicines is available

Seniors with an ID card are entitled to many discounts and reliefs. Most of them are regulated by local authorities and councils. This applies to both discounts on public transport and cheaper tickets to cinemas and theatres, discounts on rehabilitation and even discounts on some medicines. From 1 January 2023, they are issued by ZUS only in electronic form. To get the classic version in the form of a plastic card, you will need to submit an application.

PIT-0. Relief for seniors 2023

Working seniors who have reached the general retirement age and decided to temporarily resign from receiving the benefit may be exempt from PIT up to the amount of PLN 85,528. This applies both to pensions paid by ZUS, as well as benefits from KRUS, the uniformed insurance system or the salary of a retired judge. In order to take advantage of the benefit, a pensioner must work full-time (employment contract, but also a service relationship), be employed on a mandate contract or run their own business (provided that they do not settle with a tax card) or receive maternity allowance.

Medication relief for retirees. Not for everyone

As part of PIT, it was possible to use the so-called drug discounts. Seniors in their annual tax return could deduct expenses incurred, e.g. for the purchase of drugs. However, due to the increase in the tax-free allowance from PLN 8,000 to PLN up to PLN 30 thousand PLN also in 2023, many pensioners will lose this opportunity. Seniors receiving a pension of up to PLN 2.5 thousand PLN per month are exempt from tax and cannot take advantage of tax relief. Pensioners whose monthly income exceeds PLN 2.5 thousand. PLN, may deduct in their PIT declaration expenses incurred for rehabilitation, purchase of medicines or equipment necessary to maintain fitness.

Medicines are subject to deductions of limited expenses, and the deduction itself applies to the difference between the actual expenses incurred in a given month and the amount of PLN 100. The condition for taking advantage of the discount on medicines is a certificate of disability confirmed by a doctor and the need for permanent use of given medicines.

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