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The 59-year-old model poses in underwear and proves that age is just a number.  “Wonderful as always”

The 59-year-old model poses in underwear and proves that age is just a number. “Wonderful as always”

In 2021, it became loud about her. It was then that she appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine. And although she made her first steps in her modeling career in the 1980s, and tried her hand at acting in the 1990s, it wasn’t until the age of 50 that she began to achieve real success. Kathy Jacobs is active not only in the modeling industry, but also on Instagram. Her profile is followed by 200,000. people. Through social media, a woman shows that you can enjoy life regardless of age.

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She was the oldest model to appear on the cover of the magazine. “We don’t have to hide”

Kathy Jacobs in 2021 became the oldest to appear in a photo shoot in the annual issue of Sports Illustrated magazine dedicated to swimwear. – Being on “Sports Illustrated” and representing women my age is the best feeling in the world – she admitted in 2021 in an interview – Being able to represent women my age is a great honor. At our age, we don’t have to hide. I am really grateful that they let me take part in the session together with girls younger than me and even my daughter. (…) Life does not end when you reach a certain age. So I feel like being in this magazine helps not only women my age, but also younger girls,” Jacobs said, adding that after participating in a Sports Illustrated photoshoot, she began receiving a lot of messages from younger women thanking her for to show that life doesn’t have to end at 40, 50 or 60. – This allows people my age to feel beautiful, sexy – she added.

Kathy Jacobs likes to post photos on social media. She recently posed in lingerie

Kathy Jacobs on her profile often poses in underwear or sportswear. The 59-year-old model still impresses with her form and figure. It breaks stereotypes and proves that age is really just a number. Recently, she posed for photos in nude lingerie by Skims, owned by Kim Kardashian.

These photos are not photoshopped (not even mosquito bites and cellulite, lol). But I have to admit that I spent quite a bit of time putting on make-up that pretends to be no make-up, I won’t lie! So in these pictures I look better than on an average day. I’m guilty of giving my all…. I am not immune to unrealistic beauty standards on social media

– she wrote in the description of the photos. There were many enthusiastic comments under the post.

You look awesome. Thank you for appreciating natural beauty.

Absolutely gorgeous.

You are great as always.

I admire you so much, you are amazing!


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