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At what temperature should bedding be washed? This error may put your health at risk

We spend from a few to several hours a day in bedding. During this time, e.g. we lose epidermis and sweat, which is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. Proper care and washing of bedding will make you take care not only of your comfort, but also your health.

How often should bedding be washed so that it is always hygienic? It depends on several factors

During sleep, our skin loses epidermis and the body sweats. Even with exceptional care for cleanliness, we regularly bring small lint or crumbs to bed. No wonder the sheets get dirty. It should be ensured that it is washed regularly, at least once every two weeks, and the sheet itself is best washed every 7 days. If we have , it would be good to do it even every week. Also in the period of higher temperatures, it is worth increasing the frequency, because then we sweat a lot more. By maintaining proper hygiene, you will not only minimize the risk of allergies, but also skin or respiratory problems. Moreover, you will sleep better.

At what temperature should you wash bedding? Follow these tips and it will be clean and soft

Before you start washing bedding, first read the information on the label. It is there that the manufacturer has placed all the necessary tips. The difference in temperature is most often due to the material from which the bedding was made. Wash cotton and linen bedding at 60 degrees, satin or bark bedding at 40 to 60 degrees, flannel at 40 degrees and silk at 30 degrees, using a mild detergent.

Remember that a new one should always be washed before first use. If you have the opportunity, choose 60 degrees, because it is at this temperature that you will get rid of dirt, germs, bacteria, fungi and mites. After washing, the bedding will be refreshed, immaculately clean and soft

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