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COAC 2023: order of performance today, Monday, January 30, in the preliminary of the Carnival of Cádiz

COAC 2023: order of performance today, Monday, January 30, in the preliminary of the Carnival of Cádiz

There is less and less left to know the name of the groups that will go to the quarterfinal phase of the Official Contest of Carnival Groups (COAC) from Cádiz, but what’s the rush? The fun thing is to enjoy the journey, and that journey reaches its ninth day this Monday, with another six to count for the points and to announce who deserves to pass the round. Meanwhile, this Monday the week begins in Cádiz with seven groups giving it their all on the stage of the Gran Teatro Falla, a choir, three comparsas and three other jokes. Is there a quatrain missing? As we have said on other occasions, it is rare to see a quartet in each session, since only four participate in this edition.

COAC 2023: order of performances on Monday, January 30

Once the qualifying phase is over, only a part of the 131 groups will advance to the quarterfinals. The This Monday’s session begins, like the others, at 8:30 p.m. from the theater and will last for around four hours: each group has half an hour to perform, to which must be added the time for assembly, disassembly and rest between performances.

During the preliminary phase, all the repertoires of each of the groups must be unprecedented in terms of type, lyrics and music. The choirs, chirigotas and comparsas will have to sing (and necessarily in this order) the presentation, two tangos or pasodobles, two cuplés with their corresponding refrain and the medley.

The sessions, without tickets but with the possibility of seeing them

The tickets for all the sessions of the qualifying phase were sold out the same day they went on sale, but that does not mean that you cannot enjoy the contest. Onda Cádiz Carnaval broadcasts each session open and live, including this Monday’s, on its YouTube channel, so yes it is possible to see the COAC liveat least in the initial phases.

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