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COAC 2023: order of performance today, Sunday, in the preliminary phase of the Carnival of Cádiz

COAC 2023: order of performance today, Sunday, in the preliminary phase of the Carnival of Cádiz

They say that Sunday is the Lord’s Day, the day of rest… but there is no rest at the Gran Teatro Falla in Cádiz when it’s carnival time. This Sunday, January 29, about to fully enter the carnival month par excellence, seven of the 131 carnival groups they get on the stage of the Cadiz coliseum to show your talent and yes, also make you laugh. Enjoyment is the best prize of any contest. Although the Official Contest of Carnival Groups (COAC) of Cádiz is really something serious for all the chirigotas, comparsas, choirs and quartets that participate in it.

This Sunday, January 29, there are seven groups that show off their talent, a choir, three comparsas, two chirigotas and a quartet. They do it from 8:30 p.m., the time at which the sessions always start in the theater, to show their repertoires for half an hour each group, time to which the relevant breaks for assembly and disassembly must be added. This makes each of the sessions lasts for more than four hoursbut what four hours!

COAC 2023: order of performance on Sunday, January 29

Nor can one go in person to this session, unless it is one of the lucky people who managed to buy tickets when they went on sale. And we say lucky because the tickets took less than a day to sell, all the tickets for each and every one of the 15 sessions of the preliminary phase. However, it is possible to follow them thanks to the open broadcasts of Onda Cádiz Carnaval, which publishes the ‘streamings’ of each of the carnival events at Falla on its YouTube channel.

What happens after the preliminary phase?

This first qualifying phase lasts a little over two weeks, until February 4, at which time it will be known the list of groups that pass to the next phase. Of course, the scores of the COAC will not be known until the contest is over (well, those of the groups excluded in each phase will be known as the contest itself progresses). And once the preliminary is finished, it will begin, on February 6, the quarterfinal phase; from here will come the winners who go to the semifinal and finally those who reach the grand final, which is also held in the Falla on February 17. This day will be known best bands of 2023.

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