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A family of 12 lived in a two-room apartment and trailer.  “Children deserve privacy”

A family of 12 lived in a two-room apartment and trailer. “Children deserve privacy”

Amber and Marc de la Motte live in , where they moved in July 2022. The couple had ten children, the youngest of whom was born in 2021. Before they rented a larger apartment, they sometimes lived in a trailer park during the holidays, and before moving from San Francisco, they rented a two-bedroom apartment. Internet users accused them of being illegal.

A family of 12 musicians lived in a two-room apartment. Did they break the law?

is active on social media. Both on Instagram and TikTok, parents regularly publish videos showing their everyday life and playing musical instruments. They love spending time together, but less than a year ago, some Internet users were worried that they only rented a two-bedroom apartment in San Francisco. They were accused of being illegal.

Amber de la Motte, a mother of 10, explained that it was all within the law because they were the closest and had two rooms that were “not a kitchen, bathroom or dressing room”. Despite the woman’s explanations, there were comments that such a situation should not take place and the children deserve their own rooms. In response, Amber stated that none of the children were forced to sleep on the floor.

She showed them sleeping in a caravan. Surprised Internet users

the apartment is not the only snippet from their lives that surprised Internet users. Before the family managed to rent a sizable apartment in New York City, they sometimes lived in a trailer for several days during short trips. In one of the videos on TikTok, Amber de la Motte explained how they managed to sleep twelve people in it.

In the evening, a married couple set up tables, which they turned into beds. One of the children slept on the couch and the other two on the floor. Some children shared upper and lower beds, and the youngest child slept in a playpen next to its parents. The video has already gained over 1 million likes and 13,000 likes. comments. Although the family claims that they live happily, some observers do not seem to believe it.

How can parents do this to their children?

These children deserve privacy.

Oh my god, that’s sad…

Why do children sleep on the floor and parents have a bed?

This can’t really be happening.

Why on the floor?

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