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How to care for epipremnum? Just pay attention to this detail and big leaves will soon appear

Golden epipremnum can often be found in Polish homes. it is effective, and at the same time easy to cultivate. However, if we provide it with the right conditions, it will quickly repay us with large leaves.

How to care for golden epipremnum? The most important rules

Due to the fact that epipremnum has few roots, we do not need a large pot for it. At the bottom, however, there should be a drainage layer. In the care of this plant the most important thing is proper hydration. It is important to provide regular but gentle watering, and additionally the leaves can be sprinkled. Overwatering of epipremnum will lead to yellowing and eventually falling of the leaves, and excessively dry soil will cause the leaves to turn brown. This is therefore a key element that every owner of this strain should keep in mind.

How to make epipremnum have large leaves? One detail is important

The second step is to properly place the pot. One detail may indicate that it is in too dark a place, namely the small leaves that appear at large intervals. Over time, this can lead to discoloration of the leaves and bending of the stems. By moving the epipremnum to a brighter place, you will quickly see the difference, as the leaves will start to get bigger. It is worth remembering, however, that the plant likes sunny places, but it should not be exposed to direct rays.

The second signal that epipremnum is not getting enough light are… green leaves. They should have slightly yellow or slightly white spots. If you can’t see them, move the pot.

Source: Gazeta


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