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Anna Maria Jopek’s great-grandmother was a Titanic passenger.  Years later, the family discovered the truth

Anna Maria Jopek’s great-grandmother was a Titanic passenger. Years later, the family discovered the truth

More than 100 years have passed since the Titanic disaster, but the story still evokes a lot of emotions. During the maiden voyage of the British ocean liner, the ship collided with a huge iceberg. The tragic events took place on the night of April 14/15, 1912. It is estimated that about 1,500 people died as a result of the sinking of the steamer. One of the ship’s passengers was a great-grandmother.

Anna Maria Jopek’s great-grandmother was a passenger on the Titanic. The family searched for the truth for many years

She decided to tell the WBF agency about the fate of her great-grandmother. The singer mentioned that the history of her ancestors was shrouded in mystery for years. The artist’s grandfather was brought up under the care of Poles living near Lviv, and the fate of his parents was unknown to him for a long time. When he was an adult man, he decided to find out the truth and recreated the family tree of his family. This is how he got shocking information.

The singer’s grandfather discovered the truth. His mother died during the Titanic voyage

It turned out that, contrary to earlier assumptions, grandpa’s parents did not abandon him at all. The man’s mother left him in the care of trusted friends because she was sailing to America to meet her beloved. According to the information received by the family, the woman was planning to move to Alaska, and the departure was dictated by the creation of appropriate living conditions for the whole family. She planned to return to her homeland to embark on another journey with her son, but a tragic accident thwarted her plans for a better future.

Thanks to the Red Cross, the artist’s grandfather reached the Titanic’s passenger list, which included the details of his parent. Unfortunately, the woman did not survive the accident. However, the fate of the man’s father has remained unknown for years. “Great-grandmother drowned on the Titanic. We don’t know anything about our great-grandfather — Jopek in an interview with WBF.

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