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Shakira’s followers condemn Piqué for the first photo with Clara Chía: these are the harsh messages that the “Colombian team” leaves him on his Instagram

Gerard Piqué he did his thing and did not hold back to bother Shakirabecause the ex-soccer player decided to share a Photo unprecedented with his current partner, Clara Chia Marti.

The businessman, who is also a businessman, emphatically made public his relationship with Clara Chía, a woman with whom he deceived the singer Colombian. This was revealed by her in her account instagram.

The reactions of the first official photo of Piqué and Clara Chía

Gerard Piqué was shown in a photograph with his new partner, something that during his relationship with Shakira he did not usually do, since he mostly posted images of himself or his work as a footballer and businessman.

This is how Gerard Piqué’s father reacts to the shouts of “Shakira, Shakira!” upon his arrival in the Kings League

Within minutes of being published, the image caused a worldwide commotion and thousands of comments on it. Despite the fact that it was not accompanied by any type of tag or message.

In the comments there was everything, and many sent messages of rejection of Piqué, as well as support for him and Clara Chía, and others also supporting the Colombian singer.

User comments against Piqué

20 hours after the publication, there are more than 582,000 comments and the most that could be read is in repudiation of Piqué: “He had to put up a photo to give Clarita peace”, “At least delete the photos of your ex-wife”, ” Now I understand the part of the song that says to work your brain a little too.

“After the breakup, Shakira released 3 songs, pocketed several million and became even more global. You used a Casio, you drove a Twingo and you uploaded this photo”, was another comment.

“Team Shakira” supports the singer

On the other hand, there were also those called “team Shakira”, and they supported the artist from Barranquilla “She did Shakira a favor by staying with him”, “Whoever keeps it loses and CLEARLY she lost” “Clara- I mentioned Shakira is better”; “Let’s make a chain of hearts for SHAKIRA, WHICH IS BETTER”, were the comments of support for Shak.

Some users are in favor of Piqué

Although it was a surprise for many, other users supported the former soccer player and his new relationship: “Ahh well! Now he cannot upload a photo with his girlfriend, she is beautiful ”,“ The only one hurt is Shakira and all those who feel identified, Piqué is calm with his life enjoying a good one ”, some people said.

“Does Piqué have to be obliged to Shakira? If he was a horn, a horn, they are great and they know what they are doing, the good thing is that this man does not give so much mind to people’s nonsense ”, another comment in support of Piqué was read. (AND)

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