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How to attract money? Keep it with you always

Although it is often said that money does not buy happiness, many of us secretly dream of achieving it over time. Some count on a stroke of luck, while others try to earn it through hard work. Few people know that the older generations had their own ways of doing it. Today, such superstitions would hardly occur to anyone, but according to some grandmothers, a popular spice from the kitchen, which brings good luck and has a special power of attraction, was enough. The game and the following descriptions should be approached with distance and a pinch of salt. Remember that despite superstitions, daily work is very important.

How to attract money? Put a popular spice from the kitchen in the bag

Carnations were believed to have the power to attract wallets. The spice was once considered magical and was used to perform various special rituals. Today it can be found in most stores. It is often associated with holidays – it has a pleasant smell, but in addition, it can make you flood with a river of money some time after putting it in your purse or wallet. Another method is to prepare incense. Releasing a scent in a room while meditating can also have tremendous attraction power.

What else can attract luck and money to us? Use popular herbs and flowers

Some believe that in addition to cloves, money can be attracted by other herbs, spices and flowers. Do you know these ways?

  1. Basil – If you run your own business, it’s worth placing it at the entrance or near the cash register. The method is to help in gaining new customers and attracting money. A basil leaf carried in a wallet will also work.
  2. Cinnamon – Filling the house with the scent of cinnamon can make rooms attract wealth and money.
  3. Jasmine – Flowers also attract money and wealth. They can be burned or applied to clothes.

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