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It is better not to underestimate these behaviors in a relationship. They may mean that it’s best to break up

The first weeks or months of a relationship are usually idyllic. It’s only after a while that you start to mature things that you didn’t notice before. The first clashes appear, sometimes also quarrels and “quiet days”. Although it sounds scary, it is an inseparable stage of almost every relationship, during which you “reach” with your partner. What if fights become more frequent? Regardless of the length of the relationship, it is worth taking a closer look at it. Of course, every relationship is different, so each case may be different.

Arguments, lack of trust and loneliness. When should you take your relationship under the microscope?

The first warning sign that things may be going wrong in a relationship are the aforementioned quarrels over trifles, which rise to the rank of all-time brawls. They may mean that the relationship lacks mutual understanding and willingness to get along or compromise. Also, the permanent lack of trust on the part of your beloved, or the numerous lies you caught him in, should give you food for thought. A less obvious but equally common signal is the feeling that you feel despite being in a relationship.

Behaviors you cannot tolerate. They are a red flag

A giant red warning flag should be self-control issues on the part of your partner that border on violence. Whether he was having a bad day or you upset him, nothing, absolutely nothing, is an excuse. Also, pay special attention to activities such as constant, constant control and isolation from others, giving you complexes, causing a sense of guilt or playing on emotions. This is how toxic people behave with whom the relationship rarely ends well.

Sometimes an end gives you a chance for a new, better start

When the first warning signs appear, it is worth trying to talk to your partner, explain your point of view, or try to get along. Couples therapy is also available. However, if one of you doesn’t want to fight or doesn’t see a problem while the other is suffering, it’s worth considering whether such a relationship makes sense. Maybe it’s better to go your own way and look for a litter that will give you fulfillment?

Of course, all these behaviors work both ways, regardless of gender.

Source: Gazeta


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