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Ceci Juno on her new album ‘Temporal’: “I’ve been losing my fear of saying what I have to say”

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the guayaquileña María Cecilia Jurado Noboa always knew she wanted to singbut also always perceived that beyond the voice, music hid another ‘superpower’ and he set out to catch it through music therapya discipline in which he specialized and which allowed him to understand in depth the effects and benefits of music and at what levels, even neurological, it acts.


“All of this seems fascinating to me,” said the artist from Mexico City, known in the music industry as Ceci Juno, and who This week he celebrates the release of his latest album, Temporary, whose lyrics also invite their audience to a healing process from reflecting on the various circumstances of life.

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“Little by little we turn on a light, if we start from within to calm this restlessness. If we hug, nothing can hurt us”, she sings in the chorus of From inside, theme that closes the album and that surprises with a production that highlights the voice of the singer-songwriter with soft piano notes that are enhanced, with synthesizers and more voices that give a choral effect, as the composition also increases its intensity.


The nine-song album was produced in conjunction with her husband, Sebastián Barniol.

Did you always know this would be the ending theme?

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I knew that song was on the album, but I hadn’t decided that I was going to close it. We had recorded the demo with another arrangement in 2020, but this year, when we heard it again, we decided to take out the guitars and change it completely. And so, hearing how the final arrangement turned out, the overall vibe of the song, along with the lyrics, was such a powerful combination that we decided I had to close the albumbecause it leaves you in a reflective mood, in a mood very introspective and it was a way to conclude all the other emotions that the album goes through.

What is the story behind the album title?

I had already finished all the songs and still didn’t have a title because I couldn’t find a word that encompasses it and I don’t remember where I saw it or who said it, but I saw on networks a phrase that made a very strong impression on me and that said: “Take advantage of the version of you that you are at this moment because each version of you is temporary.” In other words, a year from now you won’t be the same person you are right now, so I clicked the temporary word that was ideal to describe all those different stages that the album talks about, because each one is temporary. And even myself I don’t feel like the same person right now as when I first started writing the album.

You started working on the album in Guayaquil and then you continued it in Mexico and everything in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, how was that process?

I released my first album ghosts, in 2019 and with how fast and intense I am with my career, I wanted to have another album in 2020, which did not happen for obvious reasons, and that year I ended up releasing singles that were still very well received by people. But I can say that Temporary I started writing it during the pandemic, because I wrote a lot during that time and I started to collect these songs, including As usual Y 24/7, that we already recorded more calmly in 2021 and here in Mexico City I finished composing and producing the album. It’s amazing how you can produce an album remotely nowadays. The drums were recorded in Quito, the guitars were recorded in Guayaquil, the bass was recorded in Mexico City and all the songs were mastered in Cuenca. We were sending each other things all the time.

How do you feel you have changed since ghosts until Temporary?

To begin with, I was very impressed with the change in my voice. From one album to the next I feel like I’m heard more mature, more serious, I don’t know. And I also feel that with each record material I have been losing my fear of saying what I have to say, of telling the stories as they are. Before, I used to write a lot in metaphors, disguising through words what I really wanted to say, because I was afraid to be specific. But over time I’ve been shedding those layers and everything extra that I put into my music so I don’t look so vulnerable or feel so exposed. And now this latest album It is an especially vulnerable album, because I believe that the pandemic changed us all. In my case, it changed my way of composing, stylistically speaking and also in terms of the lyrics I write. I definitely feel like it’s a new stage and I’m happy to feel like I’m in this new era.

What led you to move to Mexico?

I have six months here. With my husband we had been coming for a few years because he has family in Mexico and then we came for that reason, but I also knew that I wanted to expand more towards the Latin public and that my project as a soloist would grow. So I always looked for interview opportunities in Mexico, shows, of collaborations and the truth did happen, even before living here, and All of this gave me the idea that maybe there is a market for me here and that it would be interesting to try the Mexican industry that has been talked about for decades. and how Mexico is a place that puts artists on a global level. I think all of that influenced the decision to come and since my husband has family here, then it was not a strange country for us.

At the time you were able to share the stage with George Drexler Y Armando ManzaneroWhat memories do you have of that experience?

What I remember with great affection, admiration and gratitude is the human warmth of the two. The simple fact that they have opened their space and that they have wanted to share such an important moment with me, with someone who was just starting out at that time, it is something that I will always be grateful for.

What other artists influence you today?

They are a lot, but definitely Natalia Lafourcade, Leonel Garcia, John Mayer and I also like Taylor Swift. I love the music of singer-songwriters like Kany Garcia or Carla Morrison, a lot of artists also from the independent movement who are a reference for me. Right now I’m in a time of Harry Styles Also, I’m a hodgepodge.

What memories do you keep of the farewell tour of Ecuador?

That tour was spectacular and special. Starting this new stage of my life knowing that Ecuador said goodbye to me with so much affection and cheering me on, because that’s what I felt, that they really had the best wishes for me, that’s very important. Yes, I was left with the desire to go to more cities, but also with the most beautiful memories of the three shows we did.

What are your expectations of Mexico now?

One of my closest dreams is go on tour in this country and have shows with new public and grow my audience, possibly also sharing stages with other artists. And it is something that I feel that little by little I am already achieving, but that never ends, Any new person who wants to listen to my music and join this train will always be welcome.

Source: Eluniverso

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