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How to have the super defined arms of Queen Letizia? Here are some tricks to achieve it

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Queen Letizia of Spain has become a benchmark of style and fashion, because at almost 50 years of age, she leaves everyone speechless with her suits and her silhouette.

She is a woman who likes to look good and there is no doubt that she keeps fit, this is shown by her well-defined shoulders and arms. This thanks to her love of weight training and strength exercises.

On May 9, 2022, a photo was released in which the monarch is seen greeting the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, in an event framed in the Plan to Promote the Audiovisual Sector. She there she is seen wearing a Mango dress that shows her well-toned arms.

This is what Queen Letizia’s daughter looks like after 2 years of the pandemic: Princess Leonor appears alone without a mask, with pink jeans and a piercing

How to have defined arms like Queen Letizia

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According to what was published on the Nius Diario portal, the queen regularly practices yoga, swimming, Zumba, stationary cycling and trains at the Palacio de La Zarzuela gym.

He also follows a diet full of proteins. But this is not all, the queen also trains with strength exercises that help her maintain her figure.

The queen performs biceps exercises with weights, barbell or TRX, on intercalated days, in addition, of dips of triceps on the wall, for which you only need the weight of your own body and a wall.

Letizia breaks the dress code of the royals! She surprises with a daring fuchsia dress that reveals her incredible toned abs

Roberto Crespo, coach of Zagros Sport, explained to Vogue how to make them.

  • Facing the wall, we stand with our hands and palms shoulder-width apart.
  • The elbows are flexed, bringing them towards the ribs, bringing the body closer to the wall, keeping the torso straight, the typical movement of a push-up.
  • This simple exercise works the triceps and pectorals, as well as the deltoids in the shoulders.


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Source: Eluniverso

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