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How to get rid of food moles for a long time? The smell of these leaves will instantly chase them out of the kitchen

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Food moths are a bothersome problem. They are not a sign of dirt, although it is worth taking care of the appropriate protection of containers with pasta or porridge. They usually appear “brought” home. They can even live in supermarket packages. It is worth examining each bag carefully, and it is even better to boil the product directly in water and take a close look at it. Unfortunately, we cannot always protect ourselves from these pests. What to do so that they leave quickly? We have a way.

A way to deal with food moths. We suggest how to recognize that they live in the kitchen

The first sign that moths have settled among the products is a delicate cobwebwhich may look like brown dust. First of all, it appears with spices, open bags with porridge, rice or noodles. Another, less “pleasant” sign is, of course, white larvae. At a later stage, flying moths hatch from them, which are unsightly and multiply quickly.

This method of moths will work before they appear in the kitchen

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In order to minimize the possibility of the appearance of moles, first of all, when cleaning cabinets, wipe them with vinegar. The smell is hated by these insects and will make them not want to be there. You can also hang “sticky” on moths and take care not to keep products in cardboard bags and boxes. Turn them into reusable jars and containers.

This moth remedy is cheap and reliable. They hate that smell!

At first, you might think that you keep this spice in a cupboard anyway, so the moths should get away by themselves. Nothing could be more wrong. It is a bay leaf that is hated by moths and will scare them off quickly. For that to be the case, put two or three in your home supplies. Put them in a box of flour, porridge, or rice. A dry leaf will not affect the taste of your loose products, and will be a good safeguard.

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