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“Everyone needs this melody and this lyrics, but they don’t know it yet.” LemON presents “Birds”

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– We were supposed to publish “Ptaki” in the fall, but we decided that there is nothing to wait for. One of the people who heard this song during our jubilee tour wrote to us that everyone needs this melody and this text, but they don’t know it yet. Well then, let it be! After all, we have everything for the fans! – explains Herbut.

LemON and “Birds”. “At concerts, they said: just don’t destroy it with the clip!”

The track and the entire album were produced by Bogdan Kondracki. – He turned out to be our soul mate, the same sensitive as we are and a midwife of ideas that we would not find in ourselves – says Igor about this cooperation. – Those who have heard “Ptaki” at their concerts said: just don’t destroy it with a video clip! Just in case, instead of making some fancy music video for it, we thought we would combine it with something that will only move your imagination and you will see whatever you want in it. The wonderful OSOM studio helped us in this. And he is really a wasp!

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The lyrics for the song were written by Małgorzata Dacko and Igor Herbut, and the music is a joint work of the band and Kondracki. LemON’s “Birds” are now available on all streaming services.

The LemON group was established shortly after qualifying for “Must Be the Music” on a precasting in Wrocław, which Igor Herbut went to spontaneously with his cousin Adam Horoszczak. The team consists of: Igor Herbut, Przemysław Świerk, Tomasz Świerk, Piotr Kołacz and Tomasz “Harry” Waldowski.

Source: Gazeta

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