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Zenon Martyniuk’s concert in Poznań has been cancelled.  Outraged PiS councilor defends disco polo

Zenon Martyniuk’s concert in Poznań has been cancelled. Outraged PiS councilor defends disco polo

February 20 in the auditorium of the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań, a disco polo star concert was to take place. The townspeople did not like the idea. They feel that the place is not suitable for events of this type, so they organized protests.

Zenon Martyniuk will not play in the auditorium of the University of Poznań. The protests worked

Opposition was expressed, among others, by musicians of the Poznań Philharmonic, as well as youth councillors. They all used similar arguments, claiming that the university space should not host disco polo performers. One of the musicians commented on the situation in an interview with the website

“This is the hall that receives presidents and Günter Grass. A disco polo concert in this place is ridiculous.”

As you can see, the argument turned out to be sufficient. Radio Poznań informed that “The end of the carnival with Zenon Martyniuk and the Akcent team!” in the university hall has been cancelled.

PiS councilor mocks the cancellation of Zenek Martyniuk’s concert in Poznań

The situation did not go unnoticed by PiS politicians. During the session of the Poznań City Council, councilor Michał Grześ informed about the canceled concert and defended the honor of the musical genre. He was outraged by the protests and accused the Poznań university of lack of openness and tolerance.

“We are told that Poznań is an open city, that everyone is welcome here. It turns out that it is not. The protests against this concert surprised me a bit. It turned out that the hall of the Adam Mickiewicz University is a “temple” and there is no place for disco polo “- quotes the local councilor “Wyborcza”.

“It doesn’t matter that various concerts of popular and folk music are held there, with better and worse artists. Disco polo is a border that cannot be crossed. According to the opponents, the auditorium is a sacred place. Is it really? The Royal Academy, that was the name of the institution for whose assembly hall was built. I will say it mildly that the Royal Academy in Prussian times did not serve to emphasize the Polishness of our lands, “continued the PiS politician.

As Radio Poznań explains, the councilor is concerned with the past of the building. During the German occupation, the NSDAP debated in the hall. Later, the Civic Militia and the Polish United Workers’ Party met there.

Source: Gazeta

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