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Do you store glasses upside down? It’s a mistake. We explain why it’s better not to

Stacking glasses upside down in cupboards has its justification. First of all, they dust less. However, it turns out that storing them in this way is not a good idea.

Do not put glasses upside down. They can burst

The reason we shouldn’t store it upside down is because the rim is the most delicate part, often made of thin glass. “When you put the glass upside down, the entire weight of the glass will be on the most delicate part,” explains the author of the video. The weight transferred to the top can cause the glass to break over time. The same is true for glasses.

The truth is that a lot depends on the type or glasses we have at home. Some, those made of thicker glass, should have no problem bearing the weight when we put them upside down. Others, those with thin edges, may break.

Not everyone liked the movie. There have been critical comments

The video received a great response in the comments. Many people agree with the author of the recording, but there have also been critical voices.

All my life, and I’m 50, I’ve put glasses down this way and never had a problem with them breaking. Unless I dropped it.

I always store my dishes upside down. Cups, bowls, plates. No dust, no bugs.

I don’t buy glasses with delicately glazed edges that can’t be hung upside down on the base.

Then my parents MUST have the strongest glasses in the world! They are at least 30 years old.

I always kept them upside down. I have NEVER had a problem.

Source: Gazeta


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