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Oscars 2023. The nominations have already shown that “Everything Everywhere at Once” is the film of the year

“Everywhere at once” is a crazy and absurd action comedy with sci-fi elements, and its title really describes the plot perfectly. It was directed by the creative duo Daniels, which previously became famous in the world, among others. Jackknife Man stars Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe as a multifunctional corpse. When “Everywhere At Once” hit the screens, a very rare thing happened: on Rotten Tomatoes, the film collected almost 100 percent. positive feedback. The critics gave it 97% and the audience 96%. This already heralded that this film would be loud. Of course, enough time has passed since spring 2022 that the ratings have dropped to 95 percent. from reviewers and 89 percent. from viewers. Because the bigger the audience, the greater the chance that there will be more unconvinced people.

“Everywhere At Once” has 11 Oscar nominations. What is the movie about?

The main character of “Everywhere at once” is Evelyn Wang – the legendary queen of action cinema appeared in this one. The actress is known, for example, from the movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, and for this production she has already received her first Golden Globe in her career.

Evelyn is a very overworked middle-aged mother who runs a laundromat with coin-operated machines. She has an audit in the company and has to deal with the annoying tax office, and her husband is trying to divorce her. Difficulties pile up more and more – everything that could go wrong crumbles in her hands. Until one day, Wang unexpectedly discovers that he has a special gift. She can see what her alternate biographies look like in other dimensions. In one of them, for example, she became a Hong Kong action movie star (this is a very conscious meta-level reference to the career of Yeoh herself), who instead of nunchucks fights with butt plugs, in another dimension she is an opera singer. In another incarnation, she became a chef in the best restaurants in the world, and in other places she has sausages instead of fingers. There is also a dimension where she is a piñata hanging from a tree.

But that’s not all this movie is about, dark forces are emerging that want to destroy Evelyn and threaten her family. So convinced that she is her worst incarnation, the heroine must use everything she can and everything she could once become to save her loved ones. Although the plot sounds absurd, directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert managed to weave a lot of life threads into it, such as relationships with possessive and toxic parents, identity crisis, existentialism, generational trauma, neurodiversity, problems of Asian immigrants in the USA or simply the mother’s relationship with daughter.

A critic from The New York Times wrote in his review that the film is a “vortex of genre anarchy” that combines elements of surreal comedy, fantasy, science fiction, martial arts cinema and animation. Many reviews laud the original screenplay, direction, great acting, special effects, cinematography, soundtrack, stunts, high production value, and costumes. In addition to Michelle Yeoh, the cast also includes supporting actress nominees Jamie Lee Curtis and Stephanie Hsu, Ke Huy Quan, Jenny Slate, Harry Shum Jr and James Hong.

“Everywhere at Once” has already won Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan Golden Globes for their performances, and also received nominations in the following categories: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Leading Actress, Best Supporting Actor, two Best Supporting Actress nominations, Best Screenplay foreground, costumes, editing, music, song and visual effects.

Awards for “Everything everywhere at once”. Where can I watch the movie?

In addition, the production also received: four Saturns (for the best fantasy film, for the best actress, supporting actor and for the best film in 4K technology), five Critics’ Choice statuettes (for the best film, supporting actor, director, original screenplay, editing), Supporting Actor Award from the American Society of Film Critics (NSFC), Amanda Award for Best Foreign Motion Picture, two Boston Film Critics Association Awards (Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan), two Gotham Awards (Best Feature, Supporting Actor), six statuettes from the Internet Society of Film Critics OFCS (Best Film, Director, Leading Actress, Supporting Actor, Production Design and Editing), a distinction from the National Board of Review (Yeoh), three statuettes from the Atlanta Film Critics Association (Supporting Actor, Director, First Place in the top 10 films), six awards from the Chicago Film Critics Association o (supporting male role, direction, set design, costumes, special effects, editing), two awards from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association (Best Picture and Best Supporting Male Actor), four statuettes from the San Francisco Film Critics Association (supporting male actor, best supporting actress Jamie Lee Curtis, production design, editing), The New York Film Critics Association also awarded Ke Huy Quan.

The film can still be seen in some arthouse cinemas, such as Warsaw’s Kinoteka, and the production is also available on Amazon Prime.

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