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Prom creations from years ago. “I wonder what was in my head. And on my head”

Who among us does not remember with nostalgia this symbolic entrance into adulthood, which is the prom? This is usually the first such big ball in young people’s lives, for which girls often prepare for months, looking for that dream creation or make-up inspiration. Sometimes, years later, it turns out that not all choices were right.

Prom creations from years ago. “I look like from “Dynasty”, “Today in my life I would not dress like this”, “I thought it came out modest, but today I can’t believe that I did my hair like that”

“When I look at this photo 12 years later, I wonder what was in my head. And on my head. I remember that my hairstyle was inspired by a picture of Taylor Swift. I wanted beautiful waves, but the hairdresser made me a poodle. A colleague from the editorial office said that I looked like from “Dynasty”. So I would definitely change that. As for the dress, I think it’s ok. Maybe the decorative hem on the top is unnecessary, but otherwise rather a black classic that I could have in my wardrobe – Ola.

Prom dresses from years ago – Ola private archive

– When I look at her after 15 years, I think that the dress I had was great. I also had boots with a long toe, which my mother probably still keeps hidden somewhere in the storage room, although we know that I will never wear them again. It was then that I went to my first professional make-up. I had a terrible haircut. I always dreamed of waves, and hairdressers made me such a ram, not waves. Of course, before the prom, there was a bit of a solarium, because that was the fashion. As for the prom itself, I remember how the biology lady rocked it and danced to “I bend my body boldly” (haha), and after the prom, we were going by bus to the monument of Adam Mickiewicz and jumping on one leg in the morning in the hope that I would pass my final exams – Natalie.

Prom dresses from years ago - NataliaProm dresses from years ago – Natalia private archive

– I had my prom 12 years ago. I was rebellious then, as evidenced by my short haircut. I don’t know what prompted me to bet on this look. I wouldn’t dress like that today in my life. Nevertheless, I had a great time at the prom – Aga.

Prom dresses from years ago - AgaProm dresses from years ago – Aga private archive

– In my school it was clear: dresses are supposed to be elegant. Colors: black, navy blue, white. It wasn’t easy to find a nice dress in those days. Unless someone liked taffeta and petticoats. I wore a dress that I got in a thrift store. The theme of the prom was old hollywood so it was a little Marilyn Monroe related. It was expensive at the time. I think it cost 300 zlotys and it was the most expensive thing I ever bought. It was of great quality. Wonderful material. I liked her very much. I still have it to this day, although I don’t have the opportunity to wear it often. After the party, my sister-in-law and her sister borrowed it for various events. What he regrets is definitely his bangs, which I don’t like very much today, and the time spent at the solarium – Zuzia.

Prom dresses from years ago - ZuziaProm dresses from years ago – Zuzia private archive

– Our prom, as for 1993, was exceptional. Not at school, in the gym, but in the four-star hotel “Diament”. There is no trace of it anymore, it was demolished. You could write that if it wasn’t for my huge collar, we would look like at a funeral, because black was obligatory at proms back then. The thing is, it didn’t seem big to me at the time. Years later, I appreciated its size when I found an old photo. As for the legs, I can assure you they were not exposed. It was a decent dress, definitely over the knee. Kudos to the photographer for the shot that allows children to show that mothers have legs too – Eliza.

Prom dresses from years ago - ElizaProm dresses from years ago – Eliza private archive

– What can I say about the creation. To be honest, all my girlfriends planned to buy dresses a year in advance and spent a lot of money on them. I spent my money on a snowboarding outfit and had little left. I bought the dress in Galeria Centrum in Szczecin for not much, but it turned out that Doda was wearing it in a photo session in one of the glossy magazines. Shiny fabrics and, of course, shawls were definitely fashionable. As for the hair, then I thought it was modest, but today I can’t believe that I did my hair like that – Kasia.

Prom dresses from years ago - KasiaProm dresses from years ago – Kasia private archive

Source: Gazeta


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