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With ‘No news on the front’, Netflix sneaks back into the list of best film for the Oscars

With Screenplay adapted from the original novel by German author Erich Maria Remarquethe movie All quiet on the western front (2022) is one of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts Favorites for the ceremony of Oscar awards that will take place next Sunday, March 12.

With nine nominationsthe tape directed by Edward Berger, it also becomes the second most nominated non-American film in the history of this award, in back of Rome (2018) and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000).

The film follows the story of Paul Baümer (Felix Kammerer), a 17-year-old teenager, who refuses to be ostracized from his group of friends when they head off to war, so joins the Western Front in World War I, against his parents’ wishes.

But his initial enthusiasm is soon shattered by the grim reality of life in the trenches. As Paul forms strong bonds with his comrades, the onslaught of death and violence threatens to overwhelm them all as they cling to their humanity and sanity.

The film marks Kammerer’s feature film debut.who previously appeared in the docudrama Durer of 2021 and in the drama David im Wunderland from 1998.

All Quiet on the Western Front premiered during the Toronto International Film Festival in September 2022 and initially was screened exclusively at the Paris Theater in New York at the beginning of October to later expand to other cinemas. From Friday, October 28, it is available on Netflix for everyone.

The movie of 2 hours and 30 minutes longit is also Acclaimed by the British Academy with 14 Bafta Award nominationsto be delivered on February 19.

“We are speechless and overwhelmed. It is a huge honor to be recognized by the British Film Academy,” director Edward Berger wrote on Instagram.

“That the film resonated with so many people is a testament to Erich Maria Remarque’s extraordinary book, written 100 years ago and yet sadly still relevant today. It was our North Star. The novel’s powerful anti-war message unites us, no matter what country we live in. We are indebted to our incredible creative team – each person was an integral part of the whole and made the film what it is today. Thank you very much, BAFTA. We are deeply honored.”

The actor Albrecht Schuch accompanies Kammerer in the plot with the role of Stanislaus Katczinsky (Kat)a battle-hardened soldier who stays close to the younger soldiers and comes to form a close bond with Paul, who helps him read his wife’s letters. Although Kat is uneducated, he is resourceful and wise when it comes to survival.

Source: Eluniverso


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