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The head of Netflix responded to the indignation of viewers by canceling the series. Production fans will be furious

started the year with the cancellation of several well-known series streamed by the platform. There are a lot of titles, and it may soon turn out that the cuts will not end there. Today we know that the company has canceled the next season of “1899” with Maciek Musiał, as well as “Inside Job” known in Poland as “Korporacja conspiracy”.

The streaming platform also said goodbye to “Dead End”, which enjoyed great acclaim from both critics and viewers. Dead Spot: Paranormal Park has been announced by director Hamish Steele for a third season. Unfortunately, Netflix has changed its mind and the series ends after 20 episodes.

Netflix canceled more series. The spectators protest

A similar fate befell “The Dean” and “Single in New York”. The comic book series Warrior Nun was also cancelled. The decision was argued for low viewership, but this did not convince the fans of the series. Fans of the production bought an advertising space in front of the Netflix headquarters and placed a billboard on it calling for the return of “Warrior Nun” to the screens.

The actions of Netflix are getting louder and louder. More groups of fans start a discussion on the web about whether their favorite series will be the next one, from which the streamer will resign. Many people do not even try to hide their fury at the decision of the company’s management.

The head of Netflix explains the decision to cancel series on the platform

The head of Netflix decided to respond to the indignation of viewers. Ted Sarandos in one of the recent interviews stated that the streamer is not in the habit of canceling successful series.

“We never finished producing a successful show. Many of these shows had a good premise, but attracted a small audience on a very large budget,” explains Sarandos.

Netflix users emphasize, however, that in their opinion the platform cuts the series too quickly, and the group of production fans does not have time to expand. The streamer, as you can see, is set for immediate success. As a result of the streamer’s policy, more and more creators are appealing to viewers not to postpone watching the series they have been waiting for too long, because they may deprive themselves of the next seasons of the series.

Interestingly, even series that have achieved great success in Netflix’s ratings are not safe. The production “1899” debuted in second place on the list of the 10 best English-language titles, and was surpassed only by the hit “”. Despite this, the series was not renewed.

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