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These dresses from chain stores will mask the tummy and sides! They are great for ladies 50+

Ladies in their fifties look beautiful in dresses. The right cut can emphasize the natural beauty and hide some shortcomings of the figure. We suggest which cuts are perfect for masking the protruding belly and sides. You will find plenty of such offers in popular chain stores. Especially if you’re a 50-year-old who’s not afraid to experiment.

Mohito’s sale offer: a dress with a beautiful pattern

Mohito’s sale includes a midi shirt dress in a beautiful pastel shade of blue. In addition, it has a colorful floral pattern added all over it. It will not only hide the belly, but also rejuvenate thanks to its bright and light colors. The model from the chain has a cut-off under the bust that masks the sides. The classic collar optically lengthens the neck, and the length behind the knee and the slit emphasizes slender legs. This proposal by Mohito stayed discounted by as much as 71% and costs 39.99 (the lowest price in the last 30 days is 69.99).

Pastel shirt dress photo. Mohito

Dresses in larger sizes. Look for them in Reserved

Women over 50 should like the Reserved offer. The brand also sells a shirt dress, but in an elegant shade of bottle green. A belt has been added here, emphasizing the waist. There are more sizes to choose from, so it will suit women with different body types. Reserved presents three other color versions – black, mahogany and cream. Fifty-year-olds can confidently bet on any of them.

An elegant plus size proposalAn elegant plus size proposal photo. Reserved

Taranko with an offer for women 50+: dresses for every occasion

Taranko has a wide range of dresses. In their online store, there are models specifically designed for women 50+. A great example is a pink wrap dress with a tie on the side. This cut also hides the belly and sides, and the asymmetric pattern puts a strong accent on the legs. In addition, the neckline and neck are exposed. You can wear this dress on many occasions. It will work well in everyday trips to work, as well as in more official situations.

Source: Gazeta


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