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When is the 13th pension 2023? Will it be before Christmas? Record payouts are coming

Thirteen is a program that has been distributed to all pensioners and pensioners since 2019, regardless of income. There will also be payouts this year, but they will be much higher. According to forecasts, the valorization may be record-breaking in 2023, which will translate into the amount of .

13. Pension 2023. Who will it be paid to? There is one condition

It is true that income is not taken into account when paying the benefit, but there is another important condition. The money will only go to seniors who will be entitled to one of the following benefits by March 31, 2023 (however, it cannot be suspended):

  • retirement,
  • disability pensions,
  • training pension,
  • social pension,
  • survivor’s pension,
  • supplementary parental benefit,
  • cash benefit for blind civilian victims of warfare,
  • teacher compensation benefit,
  • benefits and pre-retirement allowance.

When is the 13th pension 2023? How much will the allowance be? Valorization will affect the amount of the benefit

Accordance with the law ZUS pays thirteen to pensioners together with their April benefits. The exceptions are people receiving pre-retirement benefits and allowances, who will receive an allowance in May. This means that some seniors will receive money after Easter. They fall on April 9. ZUS, on the other hand, pays the pension on the 1st, 5th, 6th, 10th, 15th, 20th and 25th day of each month. However, if the payment date falls on a holiday, they are processed earlier. Therefore, due to the fact that April 10, 2023 is Easter Monday, the accounts of seniors receiving transfers on that day should receive the thirteen along with the benefit on April 7.

The amount of thirteen corresponds to the current minimum pension. This will increase from March 1. According to the forecasts, from PLN 1,217.98 net to PLN 1,445.48 net.

Source: Gazeta


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