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The end of Doda’s ban on TVP.  She returned to the music show after 13 years.  She sat in a specific pose

The end of Doda’s ban on TVP. She returned to the music show after 13 years. She sat in a specific pose

After 13 years, Doda returns to the popular TVP program, in which she has already hosted twice. However, her relationship with the station is complicated.

Why did TVP stop working with the singer?

Some sources suggest that Dorota Rabczewska was not invited to Polish Television programs after she got into a verbal and physical conflict with Agnieszka Woniak-Starak (then Szulim) in 2014. However, she was acquitted and, as she admitted in an interview with Szymon Majewski, does not regret the steps she has taken. She stood up for her family.

I don’t regret it at all. I love my parents very much and family is very important to me. No career, no television will ever stand beyond. Agnieszka insulted my parents on the air. We settled in a peculiar way.

she said in an interview. However, Doda denied rumors that the dispute would be the cause of the ban.

I don’t believe that any person with a desire to stick to the facts would list the incidents after which I appeared on public television many times. Just look at the internet – What’s the melody, New Year’s Eve from TVP, Opole…

she wrote in a statement. The singer was also not liked by Joanna Kurska. According to other informants, it was the wife of the former head of TVP, Jacek Kurski, who was supposed to block Doda’s performances on public television.

I saw him [Kurskiego – przyp. red.] with my wife at the premiere of the movie ‘Cursed’, we had a nice conversation. There was an idea to do a concert. All of a sudden, they totally messed up. Some paranoia, ban, ban, throwing me out of TVP. Producers invite me to various programs, and at the last minute they get a call from above that absolutely not. By what right? I pay taxes to this station. I want to perform well, and someone spoils it because of their imaginary animosities.

– Doda summed up the conflict in an interview with “Gossip”. She also admitted that she tried to explain the situation by phone, but the ex-president’s wife dropped the phone. After Kurska was released from “Questions for Breakfast”, the controversial artist began to be considered again. He will appear as a guest in one of the popular talent shows.

We will hear her work in a well-known program

Doda will appear in one of the episodes of “Chance for Success”. To the cult program that opened the door to a career, Justyna Steczkowska or Kasia Cerekwicka will return after 13 years. Songs from the singer’s repertoire performed by the show’s participants could be heard twice so far.

Greetings from the “Chances of Success” studio. I was a guest for the first time in 2005, then in 2010 and after 13 years I have this honor again.

– she wrote satisfied with Doda’s proposal in the description of the post on Instagram. As part of the promotion of the episode with her participation, she posed alongside the host, Marek Sierocki. Internet users also drew attention to the specific pose in which she sat on the couch, which seems to be not accidental. In their opinion, this is a reference to Elżbieta Jaworowicz, who hosts “The Case for the Reporter”, a program also broadcast by TVP.

I think I get the idea – being on TVP, you have to feel obliged to sit like Elżbieta Jaworowicz.

– one of the followers commented on the post, and Doda agreed with him in response.

The singer also admits that she would be happy to be a juror in “The Voice of Poland”, which is also supported by the fans. Perhaps Doda’s participation in “Chance for Success” will be the beginning of more frequent cooperation with the TVP talent show responsible for the aforementioned talent show.

Source: Gazeta

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