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Dominika Gwit returned home.  She tells what happened to her in the hospital.  “I have no words”

Dominika Gwit returned home. She tells what happened to her in the hospital. “I have no words”

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Dominika Gwit recently became a mother. She chose not to give birth in a private clinic. She decided that for health reasons it would be better to give birth in a state hospital. In the latest entry on her Instagram profile, she confessed that she and the baby are fine and are already at home. She also talked about what her stay in the hospital was like. The star emphasized that both before and after giving birth, she felt that the staff gave their best.

I have no words to thank the wonderful staff. Outstanding Doctors made everything run perfectly. THANK YOU INDIVIDUALLY AND BOW LOW

she wrote.

Dominika Gwit returned home. She tells what happened to her in the hospital

The actress added that special thanks go to the midwives who work in the hospital.

While in the hospital for those few days, I also met a number of Angels. We are talking about midwives. What these Women do for us – Women – is simply beyond measure. Due to my chatterbox, I met midwives from various departments of this hospital. They are all there because they love their job and you can see a calling in them. This is not an easy job, it requires a special approach and dedication. With all my heart to all of you, dear Lord, THANK YOU!! Not only for what you have done for me, but for your hard work every day

– we read in the entry.

However, netizens did not share her enthusiasm. In the comments, women who had worse memories of giving birth in the same facility shared their opinion.

Unfortunately, not every woman is famous and lucky enough to find wonderful midwives… I gave birth 3 times in the same hospital and each time I got worse and worse. And I’m not talking about doctors…

one mother wrote.

With all due respect, I believe that, being a famous person, you had special consideration … all the best …

added another. Some women shared their stories.

I gave birth in December. In the delivery room, the midwives were brilliant, angels not people – thanks to them I remember childbirth with a smile (despite the fact that it was difficult and long). Unfortunately, it wasn’t so nice after giving birth. Midwives and nurses “newborns” led to the fact that I am traumatized, without help, without interest, a tragedy. I don’t even want to talk about it. A woman in childbirth and pain should get help and understanding, not coldness and cerate under the ass

she recalled.

Source: Gazeta

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