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The most beautiful wishes for Grandparent’s Day 2023. Short and original rhymes

The most beautiful wishes for Grandparent’s Day 2023. Short and original rhymes

it is undoubtedly a special holiday. On this day, grandchildren thank their grandparents for the effort put into their upbringing. The most common form of thanks are small gifts, often hand-made. However, the most beautiful gift is presence and a kind word. If you can’t visit your grandparents on this day, don’t forget to wish them well. We have prepared suggestions for exceptional wishes for you

The most beautiful wishes for Grandfather’s Day 2023. Unique poems and rhymes

On such a solemn day, on your feast day,
I wish you well, I remember you.
May your life be filled with flowers,
as beautiful and pure as a summer morning.


A lot of free time, only pleasures,
As little trouble as possible and lots of fun!
Nothing to fix, lift, slap,
Just a soft chair and something to munch on.


Grandpa, you taught me life,
everything you had you gave to me
no one will ever give me more
today I give you my heart in thanks.


May you always be happy and joyful
your temple adorns,
And let the sky smile at you
And the Divine always protects the hand.


Original poems for Grandparent’s Day. Beautiful wishes and rhymes

Dear Grandpa,
accept these wishes
and know that my heart
never changes
so on your feast day,
on a day full of joy
I wish you health, happiness,
serene old age.


Dear Grandpa, I’ll start simply,
that it’s nice to be at home with you:
in the rain and in the rain, in sadness, in joy,
you support and teach life in litter.
Today I want to thank you for everything
give a modest bouquet of flowers.


You’ve worked something out
almost half a century,
when she was gray from cares
Your head is all silver.
Grandpa our dear!
Accept wishes from us grandchildren today:
Let happiness shine on your days
and throws himself at your feet!
We your granddaughters and grandchildren
We learn from your life
We love you so much Grandpa!
At your knees we offer gifts today,
Be happy Grandpa,
We will give you lots of kisses!


Your holiday on the calendar is your lucky day.
The flower mail in the corridor will meet you in a moment!
Take bunches of wishes to heart and smile often.
Let no one remind you of sorrows, today is your holiday!


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