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“People believe this nonsense, even though there is no evidence to ruin my image”: The Belgian model Rose Bertram explodes on the networks and with a message makes it clear that she does not want to be associated with Kylian Mbappé anymore

“People believe this nonsense, even though there is no evidence to ruin my image”: The Belgian model Rose Bertram explodes on the networks and with a message makes it clear that she does not want to be associated with Kylian Mbappé anymore

Kyliam Mbappe It generates multiple headlines not only in the sports field. The PSG player in the romantic field is linked to numerous women in the world of modeling and entertainment, and one of the names he was associated with is Rose Bertram, the Belgian model who was said to be the woman he would be with coming out.

At the end of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the international press published that the French team striker had ended his much-discussed relationship with the transgender model Inés Rau, and was already making sure that he was dating another young woman.

In this way, the new name of the female began to sound, from which the renowned footballer who shone in the World Cup competition would be conquering, where his team came in second place, after losing to Argentina.

Rose Bertram’s statement with him disassociates himself from his supposed romance with Kylian Mbappé

In full competition in which the teams met in Qatar, Rose Bertram began to sound like the woman who would be in a romance with Kylian Mbappé, who owns a very reserved personality with which he distances himself from the scandals that some footballers have seen tucked in

The personal life of the 24-year-old Frenchman is a topic of interest to the media and for this reason stories of possible romances are being woven around him. And the last to join the list was the Belgian Rose Bertram, who decided to put an end to the gossip and released a statement in which she tacitly makes it clear that she is not dating the player, said the newspaper As .

Through her Instagram account, the catwalk professional exploded against the haters of the networks to whom he directed a forceful message in which he denied any relationship with Mbappé.

Denounced hate and cyberbullying on the networks

The girl’s words summarize a scenario that only left her with problems and hurtful comments and for this reason she decided to confront the rumors with a precise message.

“I don’t normally respond to gossip or rumors, but there is a line that should never be crossed. The last few weeks the lies about me have caused enormous damage to my family, me and everyone around me”, was the beginning of the post.

She went on to describe how she has been affected by the comments and false claims. “2023 has started for me with hate and cyberbullying, and unfortunately that is the sad picture of what the world has become.”

It was in another paragraph that she was alarmed by the inventions of people outside her life that are damaging her image.

“Nothing that has been said or written is true in any way or form. The truth cannot and will never come from a stranger who knows nothing about my life and is hiding behind a screen.”

The model did not limit the comments in the publication and the netizens dedicated messages of support to her, highlighting her human quality.

While others recalled the terrible story attributed to Rose Bertram, after ending her relationship with the Dutch player Gregory Van der Wiel, with whom she had two girls.

“The rumors were that she was trying to make a child with Kylian Mbappé so that he would become the new Georgina Rodríguez and that she left Gregory Kurtley Van der Wiel when he was depressed and it is also the reason why the player lost money”, read in a comment.

The Spanish newspaper mentioned what concerns the beautiful model, stating that a blogger accused her of “trying to have a child with Kylian Mbappé to ensure her future.”

The consequences of the rumors concluded in negative effects for the life of Rose Bertram and so she wrote.

“The worst thing is that people believe this nonsense, even though there is no proof or evidence of what is said about me, lies are told to ruin my image and my reputation. In a world where the only thing that matters is getting visits, clicks and likes, sometimes we forget that we are people and that cyberbullying can, unfortunately, destroy lives”.

With these words, she was forceful in her rejection of the publications that link her to an affair with the French Mbappé.

“That is why I felt the need to raise my voice, because if we let everyone say what they want, we could start to think that this is normal. There are many other people who are facing this and this is pure evil. To my loyal family, friends, and supporters, I deeply appreciate your support. Spread the truth, spread the love and be kind because in the end love will prevail.”

This is how she concluded by offering her gratitude for the solidarity obtained in the midst of this mishap that took the opposite direction and affected her reputation as a woman and mother. (AND)

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