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Ralph Kaminski was hated for speaking about depression.  Now he has spoken

Ralph Kaminski was hated for speaking about depression. Now he has spoken

The Internet is hot again around Ralph Kamiski. Now many people point out to the singer his inaccurate and hurtful words about mental health three years ago from the podcast of the portal “CGM”. The artist decided to take a stand on the matter.

Ralph Kaminski again in the crosshairs

It’s about an interview with the rapper Elephant in the podcast from the “Two Worlds” series for the “CGM” portal, which took place in 2020. Ralph Kaminski was one of its hosts at the time. The conversation turned to seeing a psychologist. The host said that artists are much more likely to suffer from depression than “a lady in a shop”. His statement aroused extreme emotions and was widely commented on in the media:

(…) I also go to therapy and I believe that it should be a duty if you are in the artistic business. When you have some heavy, extreme emotions. It’s different when you work in a shop.

The singer’s words were immediately countered by his interlocutor, the rapper Elephant, and said: “Guy, what are you talking about?”. In a further statement, he tried to bring Kaminski down to earth in a more blunt way: “Now you have thrown something very fucking unfair. Sometimes you don’t get enough from month to month, and generally the situation is that one of the main elements that cause depression in today’s times, is that you have no money.”

The singer lowered his tone significantly and immediately admitted that he had expressed his thoughts poorly:

Anyone can walk [na terapię – przyp. red.]. What I mean is that, especially in the first place, if someone is subjected to totally extreme emotions, it’s like it’s automatic.

However, these words did not satisfy Internet users. On the Internet, many people found his statements to be classist and considered that he applies a hierarchy in the way he thinks about the needs of access to health care.

The artist in “Elle” talks about the fight against depression, and on Instagram he tries to redeem himself

Some Internet users reacted very negatively when they saw the artist on the cover, which is supposed to encourage breaking the taboo, which is depression for many. His earlier words are eagerly recalled, which is why Internet users now describe him as a hypocrite.

Kamiński decided not to leave these critical voices unanswered. The day after the publication of the cover of “Elle” will add another photo to Instagram. This is a photograph from a photo shoot for a magazine. He began the description of the post by thanking for the opportunity to talk about his fight with the disease:

In the spring of 2017, I fell ill with depression, although until then I thought I was the last person to be affected by this disease. In the latest interview with “Elle” I talk about my experiences. I hope that my story will give strength to all those who are now fighting to come out of the darkness.

In the next part of the entry, he somewhat referred to the ill-fated words from years ago:

After years of working on myself and gaining knowledge, I know that there are no better or worse in this disease. Whoever we are, we are all equal and deserve support equally. Everyone has their own Mount Everest – for me during my illness it was stage performances, for someone it may be seemingly trivial to get out of bed or dare to ask for help. And it is the courage to ask/reach for help that is extremely important. That’s why I say it out loud.

In the following paragraphs, she thanks the editors of the magazine for the opportunity to talk about this topic and declares that she wants to be a support for all those who face depression. However, not everyone feels convinced. Despite the change that has taken place in the singer’s thinking, some people still accuse him of not being able to apologize directly for these specific words from 2020. Under the post we can read comments such as:

It would also be a good opportunity to apologize again for the words that were said about store employees. No wrapping around the bush. Only humanly take it on the chest and admit: I fucked up. Sorry, now I know that profession does not define a person.

Good thing you don’t work in a store.

It would be nice if you just admitted somewhere on your forum that you were talking nonsense. This is important…

I missed a simple ‘sorry’.

You need help?

Suicidal thoughts or attempted suicide may be life threatening, then for immediate crisis intervention call the police on 112 or go to the emergency department of your local psychiatric hospital.

If you need to talk to a psychologist, you can contact the 24/7 Support Center at 800 70 2222. ITAKA Foundation psychologists are available by phone, email and chat to provide advice and direct callers to the appropriate support facility in their region. Relatives of people who need help can also contact the Centre. Specialists will advise you on what to do to get your loved one to contact a specialist.

However, if you need help and you are under 18, you can call the Helpline for Children and Youth every day from 12:00 to 2:00 at the toll-free number 116 111. You can also describe your problem in a message.

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