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Inacal: characteristics of true chocolate

Inacal: characteristics of true chocolate

In this season of the year, the consumption of chocolate increases as it is an important source of energy and a powerful antioxidant from the cocoa bean; however, it is necessary for consumers to identify a quality chocolate that meets the characteristics and composition of its production.

The executive president of Inacal, Clara Gálvez, reported that the Peruvian Technical Standard (NTP) “NTP-CODEX CXS 87: 2017 (revised 2022) Standard for chocolate and products”establishes the requirements that chocolate and its chocolate products intended for human consumption must meet.

In this way, the particular will be prepared based on cocoa or cocoa derivatives with sugars, which may contain sweeteners, dairy products, flavoring substances and other food ingredients; in order to increase its exportable offer in the main international markets.

“Peruvian cocoa has more than 60% of cocoa varieties in the world, and it is the basic ingredient in the preparation of chocolate, used and recognized for its quality at an international level; Therefore, we have the challenge of generating greater competitiveness and added value to this product through the use of the 47 Peruvian Technical Standards (NTP) that we have developed for cocoa beans, chocolate and derived by-products, which establish the quality requirements , classification, sensory evaluation of chocolate, sampling, test methods, good manufacturing practices, packaging and labeling, among others”stressed the head of Inacal.

Likewise, he indicated that it is necessary to continue strengthening the capacities of producers, within the framework of the National Policy for Quality, with the objective that they can participate successfully in regional and global value chains, considering that, in the In 2021, exports of cocoa and its derivatives reached a record figure of US$304 million, with the main destination markets being the United States and Europe.

Chocolate composition

According to this Peruvian technical standard (NTP-CODEX CXS 87:2017- revised 2022):

  • The chocolate or also known as bitter chocolate, semi-sweet chocolate, dark chocolate or “chocolat fondant” must contain not less than 35% of total dry cocoa extract, of which at least 18% will be cocoa butter and 14% lean dry extract of cocoa. cocoa at least.
  • The sweet-family chocolate must contain not less than 30% total dry cocoa extract, of which 18% must be cocoa butter and at least 12% lean dry cocoa extract.
  • milk chocolate, must contain at least 25% dry cocoa extract (including a minimum of 2.5% fat dry cocoa extract) and a minimum of 12% to 14% dry milk extract (including a minimum between 2.5% and 3.5% milk fat). The competent authority must apply the minimum content of dry milk extract (addition of dairy ingredients) and milk fat in accordance with current legislation.
  • white chocolateIt must contain at least 20% cocoa butter and not less than 14% dry milk extract.
  • Giandujais the product obtained from the mixture of chocolate with a minimum total content of 32% dry cocoa extract, including 8% defatted dry cocoa extract, and finely ground hazelnuts in a proportion of 20% and 40% hazelnuts.
  • Hot chocolate, must contain at least 35% total dry cocoa extract, of which 18% will be cocoa butter and 14% dry lean cocoa extract. In addition to a maximum of 8% flour or starch from wheat, corn or rice.
  • Chocolate in grain, flakes or flakesmust contain not less than 32% of the total dry extract of cocoa, of which at least 12% must be cocoa butter and 14% of lean dry cocoa extract.

This Peruvian Technical Standard is available for online reading on the “Virtual Reading Room” platform on the website:

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