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Mirtha Vásquez will seek dialogue in Antamina and Parinacochas conflict

The president of the Minister council, Mirtha Vásquez, acknowledged that the State has not properly handled social conflicts such as the strike of the mining corridor of Antamina, and that these have tended a bad approach.

“I must begin to make a mea culpa as a State, because now I am one of its representatives and for that reason I am not going to ignore the responsibility that we have had in the management of conflicts,” he said in dialogue with the Political Agenda program of Canal N .

Along these lines, the premier recognized that these struggles had a bad approach due to two factors that have determined that conflicts sometimes end in very unfortunate situations.

“The first one is that we have had the firefighters approach. We have only gone to attend to them when they have climbed to such a level that they have exploded and that should not continue to happen, we have to return to a preventive approach. And on the other hand, all these years the only mechanism or strategy that has been used is repression; and I regret right now that there are actors who are claiming this same management, “he said.

For this reason, he warned that the rule of law will not be returned with self-restraint or with the death of people but when the struggles are channeled and the exit is institutionalized and dialogue with the actors without generating false expectations and explaining that a progressive process.

Consulted for the vandalism of Antamina (Ancash) and Parinacochas, Lucanas and Paucar del Sara Sara; In Ayacucho, the former parliamentarian declared that her management “will mark the acts of violence” and that it is the justice system that is in charge of investigating those who have caused damage to the companies.

To do this, in the words of the owner of the PCMIt will try to channel conflicts and for that they will need to de-escalate. “This week we have had to dedicate ourselves to attend to situations at a very acute level and in turn implement a dialogue table.”

Finally, he expressed that he will have to guarantee not only freedom of business, but also protect private property.

“I am committed to fulfilling that duty that I have, but we also need both parties and especially the company to begin to recognize that if there are legitimate demands they are also part of the problem and at the same time part of the solution,” he closed his speech.


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