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Víctor Gobitz: “50% of Áncash’s GDP is generated by Antamina’s activities”

After the announcement of the suspension of activities made by the mining company Antamina on October 31, the general manager and president of the institution, Víctor Gobitz, pronounced on the drastic measure and the indefinite strike that a group of the peasant community of Aquia abides by. , who took one of the routes of the mining corridor.

In an interview with Punto Final, the senior official declared the new board of directors elected by the residents of Aquia, Ancash. In addition, he rated his leader – who he identified only as ‘Damien’– as “very violent and with a different agenda”, and assured that even this came to “threaten death” and “with burning the facilities”, which led to the temporary cessation of operations.

Quilt Gobitz He mentioned that it is the first time that a situation like this led them to stop their work, because during 2020 they only did so due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He emphasized the impact that the provision will have on the local economy and the Ancash region.

“In Antamina, 10,000 people are directly employed. They are jobs that are on hold, in doubt. In addition, in the mining corridor where we are, in this area of ​​influence of operations, there are 100,000 people who undoubtedly cannot travel normally. In economic terms, 50% of Áncash’s GDP is generated by Antamina’s activities, ”he said to the aforementioned Sunday.

He added that the lack of daily production of the miner it stops generating between 10 and 14 million dollars in income for Peru.

He mentioned that this Monday, November 1, he will hold meetings with the Minister of Energy and Mines, Eduardo González, and with the Vice Minister of the portfolio. Last Thursday he spoke with the Minister of Economy, Pedro Francke.


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