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Midagri announces that fertilizer plant will be ready in a period of two years

Midagri announces that fertilizer plant will be ready in a period of two years

The head of the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri), Oscar Zeaannounced this Sunday, April 24, that within two years Peru will have a petrochemical fertilizer plant to manufacture urea and others, a demand from agricultural producers in the midst of the crisis facing the sector.

In an interview with TV Peru, Zea He admitted that both he and the farmers have agreed that our country must have such infrastructure.

The conversations of this building, in the official’s words, have been carried out with Chinese and Korean businessmen during the visit of a Peruvian delegation that traveled to bolivia to negotiate the purchase of fertilizers, with a view to the next agricultural campaign.

“A team has gone to Bolivia not only to see the cost and purchase of fertilizers, but also to see the plant. Meetings and contacts have been held with Korean businessmen, and especially with Chinese businessmen, who have experience of making these plants in different countries; and it has really convinced us, we have already talked about it with the president, with the ministers and with Midagri officials”, revealed Zea.

The minister also stated that in the following days “the arrival at the Peru of these entrepreneurs, to make a decision together with the Government and “start with this project”, which would be ready in “an average of two years”, if they emphasize as part of the production own resources such as natural gas and phosphate rock in Bayovar Y Cachimayo.

“The plant would be ready in an average of two years, what they (businessmen) have told us is that it should be as short as possible, especially if we have natural gas and phosphate rock from Bayovar and Cachimayo as input,” he pointed.

Source: Larepublica

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