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Law is published that reduces the term of attention to users to 15 days

Law is published that reduces the term of attention to users to 15 days

The official newspaper El Peruano has published Law No. 31435, which reduces the term for handling consumer complaints from 30 calendar days to 15 business days, an amendment to articles 24 and 152 of Law 29571, of the Protection Code and Consumer Protection.

“Suppliers are obliged to attend to the claims presented by their consumers and respond to them within a period not exceeding fifteen (15) non-extendable business days”, points out the first point of article 24.

Meanwhile, article 152 accounts for the delivery of the complaints book and ensures that “commercial establishments have the obligation to respond to claims and complaints within the period established in article 24.1 of this code and to refer to the I did not copy the documentation corresponding to the Complaints Book when it is required”. In this same section it is clarified that “in sanctioning procedures, the provider denounced must send a copy of the corresponding complaint or claim together with its defenses”.

The measure was approved by insistence in the plenary session of the Congress of the Republic on Thursday, March 10, with 97 votes in favor. Luna Gálvez, president of the Commission for the Defense of the Consumer and Regulatory Bodies of Public Services (Codeco) of the Congress of the Republic supported the opinion that was approved unanimously on February 8.

Two of the three observations raised by the Executive were accepted by the commission. These were that the time limit for responses to claims by providers be reduced to 15 and not 7 business days, and that a term of 60 calendar days be granted from the entry into force of the law for the adequacy of Providers.

Indecopi announced that it has already activated a work plan to implement the standard at the national level. Photo: diffusion

Regarding the third observation in which the Executive expressed its opposition to the deadline for responses to the Book of Complaints, the commission considered that this must be aligned with the deadline set for providers when a user has raised a claim through other means, ” to do otherwise would be counterproductive and would lead to giving different deadlines without a reason that justifies them, for this reason the opinion proposes to insist on that point already approved by the commission”, said the president of Codeco.

The National Institute for the Defense of Competition and the Protection of Intellectual Property (Indecopi) has already announced that it has activated a work plan to implement the standard at the national level through the Directorate of the National Authority for Consumer Protection, in order to achieve compliance by the entire national business community.

Source: Larepublica

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