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Chavimochic: efforts to unblock and start works on Palo Redondo continue

Chavimochic: efforts to unblock and start works on Palo Redondo continue

The efforts to unblock the works of the III Stage of Chavimochic continue. Recently, the concessionaire presented two letters addressed to the Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation (Midagri), Óscar Zea, in which he makes clear his intention to desist from the arbitration award international and request the postponement of the reading of the same immediately, and this allows the resumption of the works of the dam round stick.

The information was revealed by the manager of the Chavimochic Special Project (PECH), Edilberto Ñique Alarcón, during his presentation at the College of Engineers of Freedom.

The intention of the Concessionaire is to withdraw from the arbitration award and has also formally requested the postponement of its reading. Fact that concretizes what was stated in the meeting with Midagri, on March 11, where Governor Manuel Llempen Coronel also participated.”, expressed Ñique Alarcón.

In the letter of March 14, the concessionaire establishes that the restart of the preliminary works will be within 30 days from the date of signing the Addendum, and the paralyzed works will be resumed, without charging any extra cost. “Our company is willing to withdraw from the arbitration process,” she details in her letter.

On the other hand, in the letter dated March 15, it asks Midagri to jointly request that the reading (issuance) of the arbitration award be postponed in order to reach joint agreements aimed at achieving the unlocking of Chavimochic III and that the works be resumed as soon as possible. .

The Palo Redondo works arbitration award was to be known in December, but the time was extended due to lack of Midagri payments. Photo: Chavimochic Press

“During his last visit to Retamas (Pataz), the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo Terrones, told the Governor of La Libertad, Manuel Llempen Coronel, ‘I have expressed my commitment to unblock the works of Chavimochic III,’ and the meetings prior to achieving the purpose of the prompt restart and completion of the Palo Redondo Dam”, expressed the head of the Pech to the press.

Source: Larepublica

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