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Markets and textile mypes start the route towards the circular economy

Markets and textile mypes start the route towards the circular economy

Recycling cardboard and organic waste are just some of the practices of economy circular which Victoria Ly has promoted since 2013. With the money she obtained from the sale of the sheets, she would acquire a compressor with which she painted the tables of the Real Plaza Vitarte Apromec market.

In October 2020, it would promote the food recovery project, an initiative that collects fruits, vegetables, meats and groceries about to expire, to support community kitchens and parish kitchens. For each day, up to 100 kilos are collected for a total of 320 rations.

“The need for food in our society is very urgent, it goes beyond the issue of the pandemic, it is about unemployment, needs and abandonment,” Ly told La República.

Victoria’s experience is also replicated by Erico Tueroconza, leader of the Red de Ollas Comunes de Manchay, an association that weekly recovers an average of 250 kg per pot and supplies some 15 communal pots with 3.75 tons of food for 8,400 servings.

The concept of circular economy is very frequent in speeches, but it is part of the ninth priority objective within the National Competitiveness Plan: promote environmental sustainability in the operation of economic activities. In February 2020, the roadmap was approved in the industry sector.

Boosting the circular economy

In November 2021, a pioneering project was presented in Peru to promote the circular economy in the districts of La Victoria and El Agustino. The proposal has the support of the European Union and is led by the Italian NGO ASPEm, the National Society of Industries and the Labor Association for Development. The project has a term of two and a half years, it has already been executed for a year; Therefore, it is expected that by mid-2023 a total of 20 Gamarra companies, 8 supply markets in La Victoria and El Agustino and 8 recyclers’ associations can incorporate circular economy strategies.

“As a project, we do not seek that the circular economy is only implemented in large industry. Gamarra and the supply markets would allow these practices to have a significant impact and, in turn, to value the resources that are wasted; All of this can enter into circular chains and contribute to the reduction of that 80% of waste that ends up in landfills,” Ricardo Fernández, president of ASPEm, told this newspaper.

In Gamarra, the application of the project will be in the textile workshops and will seek to enter into a dynamic of better use of the resources they already have, such as the best use of electricity or water.

“The idea is that they incorporate sustainable designs and that this adds value to the product that they sell or market to this new market of responsible consumers who are committed to acquiring sustainable garments and it can also be attractive so that among the mypes they can also have a greater revenue from sales,” said Fernandez.

The savings that each mype would achieve is approximately between 20% and 25%, in a first stage of the implementation of some strategies.

The leader reported that the businesses visited by ASPEm have shown sensitivity to the circular economy, but “there is fear because it is thought that to implement these strategies a lot of money must be invested when it is only about raising awareness among merchants and consumers, so that they understand the logic of being friendly to the environment.

Analysis and application of sustainable strategies

The people in charge of selecting the food must be trained by the Diris, Diresas, municipalities, NGOs, among others, to recognize if the food can be recovered or not; In addition, it must be done in the shortest time possible.

According to ASPEm, between 40% and 50% of mypes and businesses have shown sensitivity to the circular economy.

The NGO has already identified the markets, businesses and strategies to put together the entire technical assistance process and improve the products produced by the microentrepreneurs in the process.

Source: Larepublica

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